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Sleep with Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Prevent and treat bed sores with anti-decubitus mattress topper Detensor

Anti-Decubitus Mattress Topper | Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

Fibrotop - reliable solution for gentle spinal traction and bed sores prevention

Pressure sores (bed sores) are a current problem in hospitals and care of the elderly, leading to protracted hospital stays and a high care burden. The trauma for the patients is severe, and the cost of pressure sore prevention and treatment, is considerable. Antidecubitus mattresses are used for prevention and in treatment, but they also contribute to the cost of treating pressure sores.

More and more people in the world are affected from fibromyalgia, which is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. And now we have a solution – the Detensor® mattress Fibrotop®.
It is also a very useful thing for bedridden patients since based on its design Fibrotop® prevents pressure sores.

You could kill two birds with one stone by using Fibrotop Mattress Topper: One one hand this affordable pad protect patients from bed sores and even helpful to cure it; but on another – it could decompress the spine and improve general health increasing flow into the brain stem region providing fresh oxygen and nutrition.

Benefits of Fibrotop
  • Relaxation of deep muscle tissue
  • Improved metabolic supply to vertebral discs
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Improved lymphatic flow
  • Reduced dermal compression
  • Highly flexible adaptation in all sleeping positions
  • Neutral positioning of the spinal column

The Detensor® Fibrotop is available in Twin size of 39”x 75” and Twin XL size of 39”x 80”.


The Detensor® Fibrotop should not be used in combination with a memory foam mattress.

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