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Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

sciatic nerve pain relief

Lower Back Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Has Many Possible Common Causes of Back Pain

In the US, surveys show that 4 out of every five adults have experienced some sort of back pain at some point in their lives.  Your back covers a very large area and the pain could be anywhere.  There are also many different types of back pain.  Imagine your back as a large tent that covers many body parts.  Your lower back pain could have something to do with the back itself or the underlying parts of the body, so it is difficult to isolate any one cause for your lower back pain.  Also, the severity of the pain you feel does not correlate to the severity of the injury.  A mild injury such as a strain can cause extreme pain, while a more significant muscle injury may hurt less.  Any area that is affected can cause pain, but problems with the spinal anatomy can be especially painful.

Understanding Cause of the Back Pain to Choose Treatment 

Lower back pain can be hard to understand, but you know it is there and that it needs to be fixed.  Your pain may be caused by a muscle strain, and injured joint, ligament, or bone, or damage to inter-vertebral discs that could cause intense pain.  There is even a cluster of nerve roots in your lower back that go to your arms and legs that, when irritated, can cause lower back pain.  The irritation is usually found in the smaller nerves of the lower back that innervate your spine.  Regardless of what the cause of you pain is, please remember that treating the pain symptoms with over-the-counter pain medications is not the solution.  These medicines can have side effects that will add more problems to your existing condition.  Fortunately, you are in the best position to figure out where the pain is coming from and to fix the issue rather than the symptoms.  There is a laundry list of items that may be causing your pain.  You could have slept in a strange position, you could have a poor mattress, you may even be standing or sitting for long periods of time at work.

Serious Symptoms of Lower Back Diseases and Problems

Certain symptoms may signal the need for emergency surgery.  If you are having any of the following symptoms, you need to seek medical attention immediately:

  • Sudden bowel and bladder incontinence
  • A feeling of gradually increasing weakness
  • Pain in the abdomen and lower back that is sudden and severe
  • Back pain caused by muscle strain

Solutions for Lower Back Pain Relief

The best permanent solutions to your lower back pain are getting regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.  Always seek to understand the causes of your back pain and completely follow any treatment options that your doctor gives you.  Failing to consistently follow your treatment plan all the way through to the end can further aggravate your injury.

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