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Common Golf Back Injuries

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Common Golf Back Injuries, Golf Lower Back Pain Exercises

Golfer back pain problems

Why the golf player often complains about the golf back injuries while playing golf on any course? Do you think that golf back pain is caused due to playing this game or the back problem is being out while playing the golf?

The most common back golf injuries include: Muscle strains: typically occurs with rough or forceful golf swings or a sudden shift during the downswing. See Pulled Back Muscle and Lower Back Strain.

Yet, like any other physical activities, golf can cause spinal injuries on to the low back and spine. Most common golf back pain type is lumbar pain (usually due to spinal muscle strains and sprains). Undeniably, the golf players who have started playing golf in the recent times might have had back pain and other health problems before stepping into this game. It is fact that, back pain is caused for the player playing golf only when they do not exercise and keep their body in the healthy condition as suggested by golf trainer. Also important cause of the golf back injuries is lacking of warm-up before golfing. Coming straight to the golf field tee at early morning and dragging out the driver, then going to try to hit the cover off the golf ball is perhaps the unquestionable tactic to injure backbone muscles and obtain the lower back pain. If a person has golf back pain, but still is playing the game for a long time without giving break, then this pain gets chronic.

Many golf players silently take the back pain without taking any medications. However, there are a few golf exercises that you can carry out regularly to keep this pain at a bay and enjoy the game to the hilt besides staying golf fitness. These exercises have helped the golf players to play the game by following golf instruction throughout the day without experiencing fatigue and golf back pain, the common problem golf player’s experience.

The golf exercises boost the muscle strength and stamina. However, you can feel the difference before and after doing the exercises. But, instead of doing the exercises for a single day, you need to do them regularly to see a positive change in your health condition. Ideally, these exercises keep you energetic all day long despite of playing the game following golf tips continuously.

The exercise that is carried out to keep the back pain at a bay has to be done by lying on the floor by keeping your hands beside the stomach on both then sides. Then, you need to slowly raise the chest, upper body, arms and legs until the desired height. When you carry out, golf lessons exercise, the stomach gives support to your entire body without losing the balance. You need to stay back in the height you have reached until 10 counts. By doing this exercise twice a day, you can get rid of the lower back pain.

So, to keep your body fit and toned, you need to do regular exercises. If you want to keep the back pain while playing golf at a bay, then you have to do golf workouts.

The energy produced when you do a golf swing extremely strains the low back segment spinal inter-disc space because the joints at this area permit extensive turning. Another joints in the low spinal allow more extension and not as much spinning rotation. Most disorders are possible with the golfers who are in forties or younger, and it could be degenerative disc disease or isthmic spondylolisthesis. For these golfers, who tends to swing the hardest while playing golf attempt to slow down and play easy could help to avoid low back pain and enjoy the game.

Frequent twisting and bending over to take a golf bag can hassle the lower back and lead to a spinal muscle stress, golf back injuries. Some golf players like to carry their own golf bag to get more exercise, and while this may be a good idea, bag straps that place all the pressure on one shoulder can be hard on the back. It is advisable to use dual straps on the golf bag to equally divide the weight across the back and lessen the probabilities of rising lower back trauma and ache from an irregular weight.

Some advices and suggestions for lower back pain treatment and prevention are published here.

Back Exercises for Golfers with Lower Back Pain

  • These simple stretching exercises are good for golfers who sometimes suffer spinal pain. They are easy enough that you can even do them in an office chair while sitting at your work desk.
    The first, the seated twist, stretches the muscles in the lower back by grabbing onto a seat and twisting the upper body fully yet gently as far to each side as possible. The second, the seated hamstring stretch, is performed by elevating one foot on your desk with the knee slightly bent and reaching for your ankle with your back straight as possible.
  • Some players display a “hump” in their spine when they set up to the golf ball. It’s not necessarily a real hump, but it looks that way because of slouching. The correct golf posture is important, and this spine stretch using a fitness ball (also known as a Swiss ball) to stretch out the upper back and combat the hump.
  • Straight Leg Rotational Hamstring Stretch, it’s an exercise that benefits the back, too. Improving flexibility is the aim here. Keeping your back straight and with one leg slightly forward, stretch over attempting to touch your toes on the leading foot, then repeat with the opposite foot outstretched.
  • Don’t forget about pre-golf warm up stretching. A Lateral Back Stretch that you can do on the course before teeing off. Lower Back/Trunk Rotation exercise that, again, you can do on the course before teeing off.

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