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Hiking and Backpacking Without Back Pain

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Hikers Back Injuries Prevention – Hiking Without Back Pain


Hiking and Backpacking Without Back Pain


The first time hikers believe that falling down is the main danger in this sport. But availability of modern hiking gadgets and equipment has made this falling risk to a minimum level. However more hikers normally experience the injuries like sprain, pulled muscles, hip pain and back pain.

Hiking is a satisfying and an exciting sport. Getting to a tall mountain is very challenging, at the same time very dangerous. Majority of nature tripper and many sports enthusiasts love this sport very much. Hiking has become a popular sport among many people around the world. Some do this sport as a diversion from their daily routine work in one of their holiday periods, while few of the individuals do this as a regular sport to master the mountain climbing discipline and just chase this practice to improve and master their climbing skill. To avoid the accidents and future conditions hiker must be vigilant about the weather forecast.


If a person wish to do hiking he need to be a strong, flexible and a fit person to face all the dangers he may have to face during his sport of climbing. If he maintains fitness there will be reduced risk to any injuries and lower back pain. The more you hike there are high chances for injuries but you’ll be a master in hiking very soon. For better hiking ability you need to maintain consistent balance in the muscles of your shoulders, upper arms and forearms in order to prevent overuse injuries. Shoulder injuries may cause due to rotator cuff muscles if they have under- developed and back muscles if they have over-developed. Furthermore elbow injuries may occur if the forearms flexors and the wrist are over-developed and with extensor muscles which are under developed. By developing an efficient Pilate’s cross-preparation to eliminate any climbing related injuries and back pain and also to enhance back, hips and abdominal strength. This Pilate’s cross training can restore muscle balance, make non climbing muscles stronger, make climbing muscles stretchable and improve flexibility.


Based on Contrology method Joseph Pilates developed a physical strength program called Pilates. If you master this method you’ll be able to control your muscle by your mind. This technique is not simply a series of workouts but a program refined and developed over the years established on the principals of flowing movement, breathing, precision, control, concentration and centering. Core postural muscles are responsible for keep the body balanced in order to hold the spinal column; this also focuses by the Pilate’s method.
It also increases the awareness of alignment and breath of the spine. Deep torso muscles strength also assist in relief the back pain and it eliminated any injuries to the back muscles.


Common issues normally caused for hikers comprise; over tiredness, dehydration, exposing to extreme temperature and hikers back injures. Due to these conditions poor judgment, muscle fatigue and bad coordination happen and these may lead to unexpected falling. If proper precautions are provided bad situations can be controlled and hiker can be secured without falling.


While hiking in case if you got to experience a fall, in addition to the pain you may need to be immobilized for some time. There are many treatment options available due to the severity of the injury. First of all the symptoms of the injury need to be controlled by giving anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants to alleviate pain.  The treatment plan may include surgery, physical therapy and bed rest. During treatments try to have healthy meals and control your body weight. According to the general physicians instructions involve in some light exercises like lifting small objects from the leg.  Professional consultancy always directs you to the correct treatment plan.

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