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How Do I Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Spinal Traction for Lumbago Relief and Other Lumbar Pain Home Remedies

Includes advice for home back pain treatment remedy.


spinal traction lumbago relief


One of the most pressing concerns that most people are faced with every day is just how to go about relieving the lower back pain that they feel. The causes for feeling so much pain can be innumerable. Some people might even have to resort to getting medical help. Medicines are often required to alleviate the pain, and even surgery might be suggested in some cases. However, there are some simpler ways by which you can get relief from lumbago or lower back pain than these extreme options.


Some steps can be taken in order to reduce the pain in the lower back area and to prevent it from haunting you frequently. You can easily learn how to properly rest the back and sit in the correct way to solve the issue of back pain. It is also advisable to drink a large amount of water. Some things should strictly be followed if you want lower back pain relief. These pointers will provide you with immediate pain relief and also make sure that you do not suffer from back pain when you are older.


Resting your back is a great way to relieve your back. You can do this by lying down straight on your back. After that raise your head and legs slightly. You should also bend your legs a little and place a pillow underneath to give it support. Using a chair to raise your calves or knees is also another viable option. However, this position can be uncomfortable for a long amount of time and can cause weakness of back muscles. You should walk around in between for a while in order to avoid this.


Sitting properly is also another good way to relieve lumbago pain. To do this, you have to sit on a chair with your hips as back as possible and a tiny pillow placed behind the curve of your back or lumbar area. This will become an arched position with your shoulders and hips back and midsection forward, forming a shape similar to that of a bowl. This position can be adopted while commuting to work, working at the desk, or while watching television on the couch.


If your diet can cause back pain, it can also be an effective remedy for relieving lumbago pain. Dehydration is one of the reasons why back pain occurs. Drinking water before you feel parched is a good habit to adopt. Water is the best way to rehydrate your body and a method by which you can successfully relieve lumbago.


Sleeping position is also something that should not be overlooked. You could be sleeping improperly if you are waking up with a feeling of a stiff back. Sleeping on the side with a pillow for knee support between your legs is a suggested position. You should also avoid sleeping on a soft bed as it will result in your spine bending in an unnatural position which is adverse to giving lower back support.

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