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Alternative Treatment for Low Backache Relief

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Alternative or Physical Therapy Lower back Pain Treatment


Lower backache relief with alternative back treatment


The problem of lower back pain is such a crucial one that you cannot but see a doctor for the main diagnosis of the problem. Once the diagnosis has been made and you are sure of where lies the main problem you would look for various modalities that offer pain relief. Generally the pain that one experiences in the back is really bad and most of the people concentrate on getting relief from backache by using over the counter pain pain relief medications for getting relief from pain. This is true for the prescriptions for doctors too because these also contain the painkillers. The over the counter pain killers are just enough to relieve you of moderate pain but for pain that is unbearable and excruciating, only opioids can work. These are given in addition to whatever medication you are already taking. The initial medication is in the form of codeine but if pain is still not controlled morphine is given which is more potent. But before taking medication for low back pain treatment one must remember that all the painkillers including codeine and morphine have several side effects.

Alternative methods of low back pain treatment

There are many methods that have been proven effective in getting relief from back pain as simple as resting and doing some basic exercises along with some physical therapy that was prescribed by the doctor. But for the more serious problems, which are obviously chronic and obstruct movement of your body drastically the patient may require the acupuncture therapy or the help of a professional known as chiropractor. It is best ascertained by the doctor what kind of treatment will be best suited for you and your problem.

Types of physical therapy for low backache relief

Physical therapy that is prescribed by the doctor can be of two kinds:

  • Passive physiotherapy: this includes treatments that do not require any movement to be done on the part of the patient and would include back massage, application of hot and cold packs for few weeks.
  • Active physiotherapy: this includes correction of posture and different exercises to strengthen the muscles of back.

Generally most of the problems that cause lower back pain are treatable by the ways that are not very extreme but if even after undergoing all these procedures the back pain persists then you may need to undergo the surgical treatment.

Apart from this even the psychological therapy may also be required to help them fight the stress of not being able to do exactly the same kind of job that they did earlier and return to normal ways of leading life.

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