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Lower Back Pain Right Side

lower back strain pain relief

Lower Back Pain Right Side: How to Cure and Control

Control and Cure Lower Right Side Back Pain


Pain in the lower back on the right side is a common symptom that plagues in a variety of cases. The spread of the causes of pain on the right side of the waist – from normal fatigue to serious violations of internal organs. But in most cases this is due to the fact that intervertebral discs are damaged. To find out the cause of painful attacks in the back in the lumbar region and recommend adequate methods of therapy is only able to a doctor


Backache can be one of the most debilitating illnesses that affect many adults and senior citizens. The pain can have several causes from lifting heavy objects, incorrect posture, weight issues among other causes. Fortunately for you, no matter the cause of your back pain, it can be cured in six weeks or less. All that must be done is finding the cause of the pain and getting rid of it!

The most common type of back pain often experienced by most people is lower back pain on right side of the body. While many physicians seek to only address the symptoms with medication, there is an easier way to get better. By finding out the cause for the back pain, a much more effective treatment can be started.


Lower right side back pain is very mutual and probably the main causes are the muscles strains. Strains often happen in your legs or spine. In addition to spinal muscle strain, right side back pain can be caused by other medical conditions, like: kidney diseases, urinary tract infection, gallbladder problems, scapular fracture or exactly spinal problems – lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, slipped or herniated disc. Improper posture also could be the reason of Lower Right Side Back Pain. For most people, bad posture, misalignment of muscles, back injuries, poor posture when weight lifting and being overweight can all contribute significantly to developing lower back pain right side.

Anyway the lower right side back pain mostly caused by serious medical diagnosis. This is why it is so important to understand and distinguish the several sources of low right side backache.


Improving one’s posture is one of the easiest and best ways to get rid of pain the low back especially on the lower right side of the body. Good posture helps the spine do the job it was meant to do, which is support your body and keep it erect. In this way all your muscles are aligned well and weight is equally distributed on your feet. There is also no unnecessary pressure on your back and hence back pain will be greatly reduced.


Back injuries are also a leading cause for back pain. Proper care must be taken to first of all prevent these back injuries from ever happening. In the unfortunate case that a back injury has occurred, one way to reduce the amount of lower back pain on right side felt is to engage in stretching exercises. These exercises will keep muscles well balanced which will in turn significantly lessen the amount of pain felt in the back.

When you are picking up something or intending to lift a heavy object, care must be taken in the form your body takes during this task. Never bend from the waist. Always bend from the knees. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping in good are also excellent ways to fight any pain, including right side low back pain.


Best solution for your spinal pain problems is the same as for any serious health problems – go to the doctor. But if it is an emergency you definitely can use several simple solutions,  including different stretching techniques to ease pain and prevent future problems with back pain. Also your physician may prescribe short-term use some painkiller medications or a muscle relaxant. Physical therapy, acupuncture, massage with the ice or with the heat could be usefull too. Maybe the best advice for treatment for acute lower back pain in the right side is to continue to keep yourself active as possible.


Back pain in pregnancy indicates the inability of the spine to withstand increased stress. If problems worsen, pregnancy can be complicated by hypertension of the uterus or premature birth. In some cases, it is necessary to begin treatment even during pregnancy, which contributes to a speedy recovery. Severe pain in the lower back to the right of the spine, abdomen, gives in the right foot, in late pregnancy often speaks of the tension of the right lumbosacral muscle. After birth, pregnant women should undergo a correction of the spine to avoid chronic back problems.


Features of pain in a child

Pain in the lower back is not common for children, the presence of scoliosis, kyphosis, acute diseases should be excluded. The earlier there is the first pain in the back – the worse the further prognosis of treatment.

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