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How to Prevent Lower Back Pain?

sciatic nerve pain relief

How to Avoid Lower Back Pain?

The number of people suffering because of the back pain is increasing due to the poor lifestyle of people. Modern day technologies have made people to lead sedentary lifestyles with most of their time spent in front of computers, tablets and gaming devices with no or little exercise. The reasons for back pain can be poor posture, seating without support, wrong usage of the pillow, misaligned spinal column, week abdominal muscles, bulging discs, stress and anxiety. Whatever be the reasons, people want relief from pain to carry on with their duties.

You can prevent lower back pain, neck pain and enjoy pain-free living. There are a lot of solutions available both preventive as well as curative to get rid of your pain. Exercise is one of the best ideas to prevent lower back pain. You can employ any exercise from walking, running, tennis, swimming, rowing, climbing stairs, going to the gym, etc. You can even use specific exercises like stretching and abdominal strengthening drills which focus your body’s attention providing local support to remove back pain.

Prevent Lower Back Pain with right eating habits – Eat healthfully so you keep your body weight within a healthy range.There’s some thought that an anti-inflammatory diet — one that’s rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein such as fish and chicken, and healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil — may help tamp down inflammation in the body that can prevent lower back pain.

There is important to use proper techniques for lifting (lift with your legs rather than your back). This should helps you to avoid lower back pain.

How should you sleep to prevent lower back pain? For some people, sleeping on their back may be the best position to prevent lower back pain: Lay flat on your back. Place a pillow underneath your knees and keep your spine neutral. You may also place a small, rolled up towel under the small of your back for added support. It is helpful if you already feel lumbar pain.

If you smoke, stop. Smoking restricts the flow of nutrient-containing blood to spinal discs, so smokers are especially vulnerable to back pain. As result, you’ll improve spinal health and avoid lower back pain.

If the pain persists in spite of DIY treatments, then you can take help from professional physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists. You may choose either one of them or in combination as needed to remove your back pain.

If you are undergoing extreme pain due to sciatica or back pain due to any reason, you may resort to pain relieving medications against prescription or use over the counter drugs. Some of the sleep medications also help relieve pain by loosening the muscles. However, it is best to use medications after consulting medical professional.

It is not necessary to live with chronic back pain. Though back pain problem sare due to poor posture, back injuries and spinal misalignment may take some time to get corrected; consistent exercise, professional help and medication are required to provide relief from your back pain. The secret is, to be consistent and follow the routine without leaving them in half way. It may be difficult in the beginning. But, if you make it as a habit using your willpower, it will yield long term results. Poor posture can also be corrected quickly when you are aware and use right tools to sit in the right posture.

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