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Lumbar Stretching Exercises – Back Pain Away!

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Lumbar Stretching Exercises to Minimize Lower Back Pain

The classical therapy for low back pain is enhancing core strength to empower flexibility on tight muscles, catering better stabilization of the spine and workouts to fix the imbalances of the muscles. With the lumbar stretching exercises the muscles that surround the spine gives stability and aid for the spinal column. Every muscle between the hips and shoulders is included. These muscles are called the core muscles. Back pain can be due to imbalances of any of these muscles.

Researchers of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons have shown that eighty percent of Americans will suffer back pain in their lives.

The classical therapy for low back pain is enhancing core strength with lumbar stretching exercises to empower flexibility on tight muscles, catering better stabilization of the spine and workouts to fix the imbalances of the muscles. In case the back of the thighs is less strong than the frontal thighs, unbalance will occur on the front of the spinal column. This imbalance may be due to sitting or standing for a long time, badly done low back or lumbar stretching exercises or running, this sway back or lordotic curve of the vertebral column can be aching.

There are several efficient methods that allow you to introduce core strength exercising to the workouts you usually do, instead of doing classical crunches.One way is to breath properly and use effective breathing. The coming ”Pilates” style breathing method can be integrated to any back training  with lumbar strengthening exercises. For instance, while doing a leg press, breathe, in during the bending part and breathe out during the press. This proper breathing method is required to be integrated with the force or resistance of the exercise. You will use the diaphragm muscles that help to give support to the spine and make it longer, through breathing from your diaphragm rather than shallow upper chest respiration.

The bridge lift and tummy tuck is a good lumbar stretching exercises for back pain reduction too, as well as strengthening the core muscles. The tummy tuck workout is an easy pelvic tilt that pulls the abdominal muscles away from the floor, facing down and pressuring the glutes to make the spine longer. Lean toward the heels to reach the tailbone rather than pressing into the thighs. Do 10-12 reps of every low back / lumbar stretching exercises, changing between them until you finish 2-3 sets. For the bridge, put your feet on a bench or the floor and scoop your pelvis upward, while your rib cage remains low to lessen any disturbance to your spinal muscles. This will help to alleviate stress on your back and concentrate the muscle contractions into the glutes and the hamstrings.

The lumbar stretching exercises, calf stretches and flexor stretch can help to relief pull on the spine.

To do a hip flexor stretch place a foot forward with a bent knee at a ninety degree angle, and the other leg is on the floor behind with your foot directed upwards toward the roof. The hip flexor stretch will pave the way for muscle opening up in your back on the spine side close to your hips. You might as well pressure your glutes to deepen the stretch with every breath you let out. You must start to feel a stretch in your back leg, in the thigh front side and the hamstrings on the front leg.

For a lumbar stretching exercises place your legs wide with your knees bent. Then reach out with one hand down towards your foot on the inside of the thighs and the other hand behind your head.

The final stretch is to open up the Achilles tendon, that is the furthest pull on the spine. To do this, put an object under your foot and bend the weight of your body forwards, keep a fluid respiration while you keep the stretches for thirty seconds approximately. Afterwards, you would start feeling a stretch behind your knee and shin.

Through training the core muscles you can will maintain your working out without having back problems. Consult with your doctor before doing ANY lumbar stretching exercises program!

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