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Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain

sciatic nerve pain relief

How to Use Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain

Magnetic Back Pain Therapy Products

You never realize how blessed you are just to get a night’s sleep in peace, until it is interrupted by the agonizing pain, robbing you of your sleep, completely. The story of Katie Blake, a 39 year old married mother emphasizes the horrors of a ‘back pain’ victim. The lady from UK soon after her encounter with a near fatal car accident began to suffer from severe chronic pain. Gloomily, she states how she has to turn from side to side on the bed to deal with the unbearable pain. She feels as though her lower back is tearing up with pain which leaves her in tears. Ultimately, she finds solace in wrapping herself tightly with several cushions and holding herself still while lying on her back, which allows her a few hours sleep. But when she wakes up she is all stiff like a poker! What adds to her misery is that she can’t back off from her routine responsibilities. It requires her to wake up early to manage the household and sort out her young kids. People are quick to suggest pain killers like analgesics for the chronic pain victims, but hey! That is going to disrupt the sleep patterns making the matter even worse.

Anyone who has been in the same shoes, that is, who has suffered from insomnia, is surely familiar with the lingering effects one has to face the next day.

  • Trouble in concentration
  • Drowsiness and lacking vitality
  • Difficulty coordinating speech and thoughts
  • Getting frustrated easily

In short, it makes quite difficult for you to be efficient in your professional work or to interact in your social circles.

The Natural Remedy to Restore Deep and Peaceful Sleep with Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain

We would insist that you make no hurry in concluding, that there is no solution for the back pain problem. In fact we have a special treatment for it which is being called the ‘Magnetic Therapy’.

This brings hope to all those who miss so badly their pain free, tranquil sleep and would try anything which gives a glimmer of hope to them. The therapeutic potential of this therapy has although become popular only lately, but it is known from as long back as 2000 BC when it was well recognized and used by the Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and the Ancient Chinese. This is a very promising therapy, which can unite you once again with your sleep, restoring your health.

How Does Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain?

Medically proclaimed as a non-evasive and safe therapy, this treatment involves the application of strong magnetic fields to the body for the healing to occur. This alternative therapy could require that you are exposed to either pulsed or permanent magnetic fields. Do not misunderstand this to be a mystical or irrational remedy to the illness. The mechanism of healing through magnetic field is based totally on our body’s capacity to restore health and eliminate sickness. The treatment helps in kick-starting its own system to cure the ailment. Now, when the it has been found that magnetic fields can easily penetrate skin or even bones, thus reaching the cells and in response to this field many chemical reactions are triggered. Consequently, the iron in blood is stimulated leading to improvement in the blood flow.

It is understood that the damages cells or tissues require a fresh supply of Oxygen and nutrients to assist in their healing. We know that the primary function of blood is to carry oxygen and nutrients from heart, to distribute it to the cells, tissues and organs throughout the body. The injured body part or the major artery is placed in close proximity of the strong magnetic field, restorative processes to take place.  The magnetic field triggers the body’s own healing processes, the Endorphins which are our inherent pain killers begin to be released on signals by the brain. This alleviates body pain. Additionally, the magnetic field also deals with inflammation to relive pain by discharging toxins or excess fluids surrounding the tissues, via the kidneys and the liver. This, no doubt will make the swellings to subside and the pain to ease.

Thanks to the scientist, Dr W.H. Philopott, we now know that this therapy can also affect sleep in a positive way. The research conducted in this area reveals that effects of magnets are most dominant at the night time. Furthermore, it is said that every form of life is dependent on the magnetic way in a certain way. It may come as a surprise, that even the earth is a form of a magnet! The Sun provides us positive magnetic force during the day while the Earth generates Negative Magnetic Force during the night. But the real question is, how do these magnetic energies affect us?

  • Sun’s Positive Magnetic Energy
  • Aids in the healing process of the body
  • Tackles inflammation to alleviate pain
  • Lets you have a deep and pleasant sleep
  • Cellular oxygen is increased by this energy
  • Earth’s Negative Magnetic Energy
  • Hinder the healing process
  • Cellular oxygen is reduced
  • Keeps you awake
  • Might increase inflammation
  • Intensify the pain

The eminent scientist, W.H. Philpott further enlightens us about the influence of Magnetic energy on the Pineal gland, which lies between the eye brows in the centre of head. The purpose of this gland is to regulate the immune system, enzymes and hormones. It also possesses its own Magnetic crystals and can be stimulated by Magnetic Energy.

You will be fascinated to learn that Pineal can be your saviour when it comes to curing sleeplessness. The pineal gland is known to secrete a hormone called as Melatonin, which favours deep sleep. The gland secretes this hormone at the night time when the Earth’s negative energy is fully present.  So, for a good night’s sleep, you definitely require a large amount of Melatonin provided by the pineal gland.

The significant advancement of our technology has successfully enabled us to mimic the Earth’s negative energy and to utilize it for benefits. Night is not just the perfect time for sleep; it is also the appropriate time for the healing to occur. The reason is simply that since we are resting, our body can focus more on the self healing than any other activity. The earth’s negative magnetic energy is another advantage during the time. The most known magnetic therapy device today are magnetic belts for back pain, and magnetic bracelet for blood pressure and some other issues.

Conclusively, with the magnetic therapy you are bound to witness benefits and relief. To the name the few;

  • Restorative sleep accompanied by vitality and feeling refreshed in the morning.
  • Accelerated healing during the night
  • Proper supply of oxygen and nutrients with the improved blood circulation leading to faster healing.
  • Some relief in the pain and inflammation problem

Is Magnetic Therapy to Treat Low Back Pain which all low back pain sufferers have been looking forward to? Is this their hope? We truly believe that if the vicious sleep cycle due to pain, which aggravates the pain further and causes more sleepless night be broken, it is through the Magnetic Therapy.  There are numerous magnetic products as pain remedies available in the market, a highly convenient tool for the therapy is Magnetic Bed Pads or mattress covers. Give this clinically tested remedy a try and you might get your very valuable sleep back, which is desperately required by your body.

DISCLAIMER *This information is meant to impart education, and is certainly not by a trained professional or physician. This is intended to provide an alternative treatment for the chronic back pain and not to replace any medical prescription by a certified legal professional *Kindly consult your doctor before implementing our suggestions.  *We are not responsible for any injury inflicted directly or indirectly by following this information.

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