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Back Pain Relief Handheld Back Massager

sciatic nerve pain relief

Handheld Back Massager for Back Pain Relief

Choosing best handheld massager for massage your back when it pain

Massage back pain therapy can provide substantial healing and backache relief for people suffering from low back pain caused by muscle tension and strain, if the correct muscles are targeted. But in today’s dynamic rhythm of life it is so difficult to find time to go to a massage therapist. Your friends, relatives are ready to give you a massage, they have seen this procedure on TV and they think they have learned. But inept hands and choosing the wrong muscles for a massage can do damage instead of treatment.

But there is a good solution – a handheld back massager, with which you yourself can process various parts of your body and eliminate pain in the waist, neck or back. Handheld vibrating massager is the most common lower back pain relief device for home use. The handheld back massager can be considered as a type of alternate means for these as it don’t require the usage of any drug. It relieve the pain of our joints, muscle  and the back pain too. It also helps to ease stress and depression.

Electronic handheld back massagers do provide therapeutic effects when used correctly. Then please don’t ignore manual and read it in full.  Massage therapy with handheld back massager is a proven, mainstream, medically based, noninvasive way to physically reduce harmful levels of stress hormones in the body while increasing levels of endorphins. They are wonderful for pain relief and sore tense muscles. These massagers are very safe and could be used even during pregnancy as there are no electric impulses or vibrations that may be dangerous for fetus.

The back pain massage is an ancient technique. Indians, Chinese and Persians know this well. They have been using this for years. Even today this method is followed in these countries. The handheld back massager, lower back pain relief device, is popular here. It is spreading like a wildfire to other countries too. Especially after knowing the significant benefits it produces.

There are so many research done on the back pain relief. The studies say that the massage therapy is one of the best solutions for treating the back pain. Massage is an effective treatment for pain and stiffness in the body. The flexible fingers can be fluxed on the areas of pain. Modern day massagers even use instruments like vibrators. These devices have flexible head. Hence, it works well on the effected areas. These devices have some advance features like heating. You can heat and use the vibrator at the same time. Heat will reduce pain and vibrator will remove the stiffness from those muscles.

If you search for the best handheld back massager in online. You have so many options to choose the right product from the lower back pain relief devices. Understand your requirement first. These days handheld back massagers come with programmable options too. It also has options for different strength levels. If you have acute pain, you may choose the lower strength level massager. If you have a chronic and deep pain conditions with sore muscles, you may need to select the high strength massager. Never compromise on the quality of the massager you choose. The quality of the machine determines the efficiency. If you let go the quality of the machine, you may not get the full benefit of a massager.

If you have a sore muscle heat, treatment is necessary. Look for the machines with the heating facility. Never undermine the importance of the brand as well.  Usually, any electrical machines can go bad. So make sure that you check the details like  warranty of the machine. Go for the reviews on different massagers . Make sure want you need and then go for it.

Tips and Warnings for handheld back massager use:

  • Never use blankets to cover up with when using a heated massager because the heat can cause the motors to overheat and possibly cause a fire. Be safe and read the instruction manual carefully.
  • Always turn the unit off and unplug when not in use in the house and especially the car. The car battery can be drained of its energy when left plugged in.
  • Diabetics should not use compression type massagers.
  • People with pacemakers or metal implants should not be exposed to the magnets in any massager using magnets in its design. Pregnant women should consult with their healthcare provider.
  • If you have phlebitis, thrombosis, or are at an increased risk of developing blood clots due to recent surgery, consult your physician before using a massaging device designed for home use.
The Best Electric Handheld Back Massagers on Amazon, According to  Reviewers
  • Thumper E501 Sport – The Thumper E501 NA Sport Percussive Handheld Back Massager with Carrying Case is the massager of choice for home users. Enjoy the benefits of deep tissue massage on the go or from the comfort of your living room. The thumper massager handheld percussive sport massager can help you relieve tension caused from a number of everyday activities.
  • Homedics Action Plus – Relieve tired muscles with this HoMedics Percussion Action Plus handheld back massager. Its speed-adjustable dual pivoting heads produce up to 3,100 pulses per minute, and three custom massage heads let you opt for a mild, firm or soothing heat. The ergonomic handle makes this HoMedics Percussion Action Plus handheld massager comfortable to hold when reaching distant body areas.

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