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This Natural Back Pain Relief Remedies

lower back strain pain relief

The Heat is On for This Natural Back Pain Relief Remedies

Many instances of lower back pain are caused by overexertion and strain, which result in tension in the soft tissues and muscles surrounding your lower spine.  This tension restricts the normal circulation and also causes pain signals to be sent to your brain.  We will show you how a form of natural back pain relief known as heat therapy can aid your body in combatting these types of lower back pain.

There are many different types of natural back pain relief, such as hypnosis, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, chiropractic manipulations, relaxation techniques, and others.  The popularity of these types of pain relief has increased due to their effectiveness and lack of side effects compared to medications which often contain chemicals and artificial ingredients.  Some examples of common natural and herbal remedies are Willow Bark, Chamomile, Devil’s Claw, St. John’s Wort, the ayurvedic compound Boswellia, Horsetail, Bromelain, and several other plant-based cures that are given in varying doses and different combinations.  Even though these alternative medications and herbs may contain some pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, they are unable to eliminate the pain by themselves.  A study was recently conducted by the VA Medical Center in the Albuquerque, New Mexico-based Lovelace Medical Center which tested a type of natural back pain relief that was believed to increase muscle flexibility.  It is interesting to note that the research found that use of heat therapy resulted in the relieving of the pain related to muscle spasms and the resulting lower back tightness.

Lower back muscle spasms can cause everything from a feeling of mild discomfort to a debilitating pain. Heat therapy tends to help the soft tissues surrounding the spine, such as muscles, adhesions, and connective tissues, to stretch and total relieve back pain naturally.  This stretching serves to reduce the stiffness and injury in the back while increasing your flexibility and comfort, and flexibility is a key component of a healthy back. Heat therapy also helps in other ways such as dilating the blood vessels that surround the lumbar spine.  This dilation of the blood vessels improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, which assists in the healing of the damaged tissues.  Heat serves as a stimulant for the sensory receptors in your skin, so the use of heat therapy on your lower back enables you to reduce the number of pain signals that are being sent to your brain, which will lessen the amount of discomfort that you feel.

Heat therapy is popular for other reasons as well.  Heat therapy tends to be inexpensive relative to most other types of natural backache therapy because it can be nothing more than sitting in a hot bath.  It is also simple and convenient.  You can enjoy heat therapy while relaxing at home, or in the car or at work using heat wraps that are portable.  The most commonly known types of heat therapy are heating pads and hydrotherapy, but ultrasound is also classified as a type of heat therapy.  Heating pads use conduction to heat the area being treated,hydrotherapy uses convection to heat the body, and ultrasound uses transduction of sound waves to heat in order to reach the affected area.  Paraffin baths, short-wave diathermy, and radiant heat are also used at times to heat up different parts of the body.

Many people, especially those who are athletes, feel that heat therapy is best used in combination with other treatment options such as exercise and physical therapy.  People enjoy having this non-invasive method of treatment that does not rely on drugs available to them as they work towards relief from their back pain.

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