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Spine Traction Lower Back Pain Therapy

sciatic nerve pain relief

Spine Traction Back Pain Detensor Therapy

Spinal traction is one of the many ways to relieve lower back pain as well as other back illnesses and one of the modern techniques is the Detensor Spine Traction Low Back Pain Therapy Device.

What is Detensor spinal traction therapy?

This therapy is being used since 1980s consisting of foam therapy mat which are intended to relieve the lower back pain. The therapy has two forms; traction mats with a recumbency of 18 percent and traction mattress with a recumbency of 5 percent. Mats are used for 45 minutes pain relief sessions and mattress are used during the night sleep. Detensor Spine Traction Back Pain Therapy Device produced from high density polyurethane foam and it is highly effective for back problems.  Detensor spinal traction therapy is sometimes used in combination with acupuncture and other lower back pain treatments.

Detensor traction lumbar system helps you to treat lower back pain

How does spinal traction Detensor therapy work?

DTM 18 (Detensor Spine Traction Back Pain Therapy Device)  is a major part of the spinal traction therapy system. It utilize approximately 18 percent of patient’s body weight for the stretching of the back based on to redistribution of gravity into horizontal back stretching force. With it design it relaxes the muscles of the back and provides nutrients which promote self-healing and rejuvenating. The individual should remain motionless during the spine traction therapy session. The person lies horizontally on the mat and it is use a leg support for the lower legs so that the neutral position of the spine can be achieved; next cervical support is used after which the person lies relaxed for about minimum 40-45 minutes once daily.

It varies between different individuals according to the severity of the problem, during intensive treatment; it can be applied up to three or four times per day in case of sharp back pain. After procedure patient should not sit up quickly: first lie on your stomach for few seconds then get up (details see in the Detensor Spine Traction Back Pain Therapy Device Manual).  The person might experience some discomfort in the beginning of treatment but it goes away after few minutes. The Detensor mattress utilize a force of up to 5 percent of the body mass for the back traction and is used for night time. Increases the vascular circulation of the skin and it is popular among elderly to prevent decubitus ulcers and other chronic diseases.

Various accessories are used with the mattress that includes leg support, cushion for the seat, cervical support, pillow for the neck support, mattress topper etc.

Benefits of Detensor spinal traction therapy:

Traction therapy decreases the pressure on the vertebral discs, helps in the alignment of the spine, reduces the tone of the back musculature and decreases the pressure on the compressed nerves as well as nerve roots. The duration of application can be changed according to the condition because using it for more time does not cause any harm, only after 20 minutes of therapy the pressure between the discs begins to reduce. This therapy is very simple to use and it can be conducted at home. It provides nutrition to the spine thus preventing degeneration of the vertebra.

Detensor Cervical/Neck Traction Therapy Pillow Device

Why is it preferred?

  • It is simple to use and it is less stressful to people.
  • It allows turning of the body which makes it more effective.
  • It has proven to be cost-effective with outstanding results.
  • It has no known contraindications.
  • The therapy also includes traction of the cervical spine.


All in all, it is a successful therapy which has proven to be very helpful for backache, various spine problems and for the maintenance of a healthy vertebral column.

Detensor Spine Traction Back Pain Therapy Device recommended by many doctors and approved by millions of happy patients. See video reviews HERE.

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