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Keep Your Back Healthy and Strong – No More Back Pain

sciatic nerve pain relief

Prevention of Back Pain: Build Spinal Muscle Strength, Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Healthy weight and life style - healthy back and no more back pain

No More Back Pain: A Proven Solutions to Free Yourself from Back Pain.

Keeping a Healthy Body Weight

Being overweight has been linked to both upper and lower back pain. By using chi machines you can start losing weight immediately. Regular use of the machine can help jumpstart you onto the path to a healthier lifestyle. Allow nationally certified massage therapist, health researcher and psychotherapist John W. Johnson to help you on this journey to health and wellness.

It all happened in the blink of an eye and I suddenly found myself clutching at my right knee as wave after wave of pain tore its way through my body. The pain I felt in that moment cannot be likened to anything I had ever experienced till then. I had just come from my hotel room and was carrying my luggage out after finishing a hectic trade show.

Without a second thought I started massaging and kneading where I felt the greatest pain – in my knee. It’s all I could do, but the gentle motion had a soothing effect. It only took 5 minutes of gentle massage but in no time at all my knee felt as good as new!

Body Rolling

In 1998 I came across a form of body work that was going to change the rest of my life. It was a technique formulated by Yamuna Zake called body rolling. I promise you this technique is simply amazing. Using a special ball and working it in a specific way you can enjoy the benefits of visiting a chiropractor as well as feel like you are having a massage at the same time! You can imagine my excitement at such a discovery. Hence I subsequently followed up and attended all the training courses I could find. Today I am certified body rolling teacher/therapist.

If you wish to learn more about Body Rolling Balls and all the incredible results I have witnessed over the years, click here.


Massages are well known for being relaxing and pleasurable. While many people are of the opinion that one has to receive some kind of super training to be able to deliver soothing massages, that is not true. Almost anyone can learn how to give a good massage.

There are four basic ways in which you can learn how to massage: through a local college, through a video course, through a book and through good ole practice. Each of these means has their advantages and disadvantages of course. For example attending a massage school affords you a chance to grasp the basics faster because a qualified person is teaching you first hand. The disadvantage could be that being there physically might be uncomfortable at first. Learning through a video affords the advantage of giving you the chance to pause and replay a part you didn’t understand again and again. The disadvantage being that there isn’t anyone to show you correct form and correct any mistakes you might be making in your technique and approach.

The means you choose to learn is not what is ultimately important. The real learning is a lifelong journey. Always ask others for feedback on how well (or not!) you might be doing. Listen objectively and see how you can improve. Never stop learning about the different types of pressure and touches that you can employ in your own technique.

Massage, Chiropractic & Acupuncture

There are scores of ways for one to get healed. Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture are just some of these ways and are generally known as Alternative forms of Medicine. If I feel that one of my patients would benefit from any one of these three treatments I do not hesitate to let them know. They are a bit pricey but one can never place a price tag on one’s health after all. The easiest way to reduce the cost is to see if you can trade a skill with a friend in the health sphere that you know.

Massage is one of my all-time favorites and should be on everyone’s regular body pampering list. It’s no secret that our bodies enjoy the soothing touch of an experienced masseuse. Massages are a great form of releasing all the tension that leads to knots in your shoulders and neck.

Today massage as an art and a science has garnered new ground.  In the past where massage was simply for the entire body, today you can have massage targeting the nervous system, or the lymphatic system if you want or perhaps even the craniosacral system. Don’t worry or be overwhelmed, the more you study, the more you will learn with time.

Frequency is more important than duration

Get to know your body and how long it takes before your body starts to feel sore because of the massage. Perhaps your disposition is not suited to one hour long sessions and prefers instead shorter time frames and more frequent sessions. Getting to know just how much massage your body requires is important. Remember, too little can be just as bad as too much.

Proper Posture/Body Mechanics

Thanks to modern technology especially laptops and TVs, many of the world’s population spend their time sitting down. This has got be hands down one of the worst positions for the lower back. Small wonder then why so many people complain of lower back pain!

The best way to combat this is to move about as often as you can. Don’t spend the day seated in front of a screen. It’s not good for your body and for your back. Stretching will go a long way in helping your body keep proper form.

Another great way of helping to decrease the amount of strain put on the lower back is to maintain good posture. Now anyone can have good posture with a little bit of exercise. Remember, shoulders back, tummy tucked in, chin up and head properly aligned. A quick check – pretend someone is holding a string to your head to keep your chin up. There, perfect posture.

Good form is also needed when picking up boxes. Always bend from the knees and never from the waist. Keep whatever you are lifting close to your body as you get up. Never ever twist your torso as you attempt to lift something. If you do, you are only asking for trouble. You will soon be crying about lower back pain.

Emotional Factors

Studies have shown that a lot of the so called illnesses that people have are in fact due to emotional factors that subconsciously affect the person. This is often referred to as psychosomatic illness. Back pain is an illness too, and so when you feel some pain, it might be worthwhile to pause and reflect, asking yourself:

  • How do I feel?
  • Are there any unresolved conflicts with people in my life?
  • Say my pain has a voice, what would it say? Would it want to speak to a particular person?

On a metaphysical level, it has been shown that lower back pain is linked to issues of survival e.g. when you are having financial problems, you might find yourself experiencing lower back pain. If your pain originates in the upper back then it is perhaps linked to resentment you haven’t let go. You are perhaps feeling overburdened by a problem you haven’t dealt with.

Therapists may be able to help you release some of this resentment, anger, and or pressure. Whatever abuse we suffered in our childhoods can haunt us until the day we die if we do not take time to release the pain and allow ourselves to heal.

Today there are literally hundreds of therapists available for you to choose from. This is a development that our parents never had the luxury of enjoying. We must make the greatest use of it and make sure we keep ourselves back pain free!

No More Back Pain: Exercises, Nutrition Secrets and Massage!

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