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Non-Surgical Lower Back Pain Relief Options

sciatic nerve pain relief

Lower Back Pain Relief (Spinal Decompression Home Devices)

Before you decide to begin any kind of low back pain treatment, it is always suggested to first consult a trained and professional spine specialist who can help you in developing the most suitable backache treatment program for your particular condition and as per your medical history.

The major objectives to get lower back pain relief with the use of non-surgical spinal decompression home procedures include the following.

  • You should be provided with enough lumbar pain relief so that you can actively participate in rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Prevention from further stress or injury to the spine through improved posture and ergonomics
  • Regain your ability to properly function at work and at home.
lower back pain relief at home with Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression mat

Whatever the cause, once you have lower back pain, it can be hard to shake.

Types of Non-Surgical Home Methods for Lower Back Pain Relief and Spinal Decompression

There is an extensive range of non-surgical options for the treatment of back problems. Here is a list of some of the most common types of non surgical treatments.

Painkillers medication: A great number of pain medications can be used for treating lower back pain, such as antidepressants, muscle relaxants, narcotic drugs, acetaminophen, oral steroids and NSAIDs. Each kind of medication has its own risks, limitations as well as strengths, and the patient’s specific problem in the overall health and the lower back will help determine which pain reliever is most appropriate.

Ice or heat pack massage: You can get rid of backache by applying a heating pad or a cold pack. Applying ice or heat can provide relief from injuries, aches, and pains, but they shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Generally speaking, ice works well after a sudden injury while heat helps to soothe ongoing muscle aches and pains. Ice works for injuries because it narrows your blood vessels, which helps prevent blood from accumulating at the site of injury, which will add to inflammation and swelling while delaying healing. This is also why elevation is helpful, since it limits blood flow to the area to minimize swelling.

Manual therapy manipulation: Any trained health professional, such as an osteopathic doctor or a chiropractor can apply this treatment to help in relieving lower back pain. In this process, pressure and muscle tension is reduced on sensitive structures, blood flow is improved and flexibility is increased. Manual therapy, or manipulative therapy, is a physical treatment primarily used by Physical Therapists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and osteopathic physicians to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability; it most commonly includes kneading and manipulation.

Therapeutic massage: This therapy is well-known for improving blood flow and decreasing muscle stiffness. During treatment, the physical therapist or massage therapist may include localized massage (eg, low back or neck) as a prelude to exercise. Massage increases circulation and warms muscles and other soft tissues (eg, tendons, ligaments). Another type of massage includes full-body massage, which often leaves the patient feeling relaxed and free of anxiety.

Physiotherapy and physical therapy stretching exercise: Another useful method for spine pain relief is physical therapy and exercises for back pain. These exercises generally include a combination of aerobic, strengthening and stretching exercise.

Non-invasive spinal decompression devices and therapy, like Detensor DTM-18 therapy mat – gentle lower back pain relief at home or medical clinic, proven by 35 years and over 3,000,000 happy patients. Fast and easy lower back pain relief with Detensor spinal decompression device. At the basis of the therapeutic effect of any traction of the spinal column is the mechanism of reducing the internal disk pressure. This contributes to the fact that the hernia protrusions of the disc are eliminated due to its absorption and self-correction. This reduces or completely stops the tension of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the disc, which reduces pain and allows a long-term remission. With the help of spondylography, the possibility of stretching certain PDS and increasing the intervertebral disk capacity has been proved.

Non-surgical spinal decompression with Detensor  is one of the most safe and effective solutions for lower back pain relief. And Detensor therapy gives a chance for back pain sufferers to eliminate backache and to enjoy daily healthy life. Below we’ll try to prove that statement and explain more details in regards of Detensor backache treatment therapy system and method.

Back Traction – this is one of the most effective methods of treatment of pathologies of the spine. Of course, this is not a panacea, in some cases the extension brings quick relief and faster healing, while others – only exacerbates the problem. But the effectiveness of the method, confirmed by many years of experience in the use of medical clinics in Europe and the rest of the world indicates that 85% of patients bring healing and strengthening the health of the back and spine. How justified non-surgical back decompression treatment? There is still no consensus the medical community. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the arguments of supporters and opponents of this technique to make your own opinion.

Meaning non-surgical spinal decompression methods home devices, we must to describe in detail the most effective inventory for these purposes. It is about the spinal traction system Detensor, which allowed thousands of people around the world get rid of the excruciating back pain the natural and safe way.

If you have intervertebral hernia, the doctor probably recommended that you sleep on a special orthopedic mattress. But mat Detensor – is more than just a mattress, because its structure is much more complex and sophisticated. Detensor therapy mat is the plane on which a specially calculated angles are located ribs of flexible and resilient material. When a person lies down on the mat, bend the edges and simultaneously apart, and that provides the effect of gentle spinal traction. No matter how you tossed in sleep, rib therapeutic mat will form a comfortable spot support for your body and keep it in a physiologically correct position.

A significant portion of the life of a person spends in a dream, and all this time on his spine a force equal to approximately a quarter of the total body weight. A vacation on the therapy mat can reduce this load up to 18%.

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