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Osteochondrosis Traction Treatment

lower back pain relief

Osteochondrosis Treatment – Spinal Traction as Another Option


Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Back Pain Treatment


An osteochondrosis is produced by degenerative changes in the spinal column. Osteochondrosis can happen in any section of the back, i.e. in the upper and cervical spine, thoracic spine and lower or lumbar spine. This is in most cases a creeping course that includes back pain which initially only occurs during exertion.

The osteochondrosis reveals itself as stubborn back pain that is difficult to distress, and which depends on the segment of the spine (upper, middle or lower back). The symptoms may remain limited to the spine or radiate into the legs (if they originate in the lumbar spine) or arms (if they come from the cervical spine).

Traditional methods for osteochondrosis treatment be subject to on the severity of symptoms. The goal is to calm the back, so physical therapy is the first conventional osteochondrosis treatment options. Other non-operative treatment methods include:

  • Over-the counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Heat therapy for spinal muscles
  • Injections (trigger point and nerve block injections)
  • Relaxation and gentle spinal stretching exercises

Spinal Decompression Lower back Pain Treatment Mat

If traditional treatments fail, before surgery we suggest applying Detensor spinal traction therapy for osteochondrosis treatment.   Below you could see clinical studies done by Department of Healthcare of the Russia in regards of spinal osteochondrosis treatment with Detensor spinal traction therapy. The Head Physician of Department for Rehabilitation PhD, MD, Professor S. G. Maslennikov.

The official approbation of the „Detensor-Systems” was conducted on 85 patients with different manifestations of spinal osteochondrosis.

The Detensor mattress was used on 25 of these patients in their postoperative phase following inter-laminectomy and removal of the diskal prolapse.

The mattress was tested on 20 patients, afflicted with different tibial fractures for the reduction of pain syndromes in the spinal region by forced reclination.

In the remaining cases, the mattress was used for the treatment of osteochondrosis in addition to the other conservative means.

Similar results were achieved in all the cases by relaxation of myofibrils as verified by tonus metric and EMG investigation of the paravertebral musculature.

The results of approbation permit the following conclusions. The utilization of the Detensor-Method” increases the effectiveness of complex healthcare means and those of singular methods for the functional treatment of all symptoms of spinal osteochondrosis. The „Detensor-System” may be applied under the conditions of inpatient treatment in medical offices, rehabilitation centers and at home.



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