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Detensor is the most cost-effective and most efficient kind of treatment up to day without any known negative effects and ideal for homecare. 28 Dissertations have been established until now; more than 160 scientific articles have been printed. Detensor is the most cost-effective and efficient back pain treatment, free of negative effects, to be used by everybody, no service, no electricity, no belts, no stress, good for a lifetime. You are invited to see more at our newly established US distributor office.We will keep you informed about the progress of installment and availability of Detensor products.

Detensor is coming back to the USA, after closing office in LA 1987.

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What our clients say ?

I experienced severe pain in the lower part of the spine and in my right leg. The pain was so strong that I practically could not walk and stand. .4 sessions with Detensor helped me.

Bill S.

Works as advertised. I work in a very large hospital and I'm constantly moving about. After a long day of work I usually come home with back pain. However since I've purchased this product it has helped me tremendously.

Mili D

Wow!!! I am very surprised to see the Detensor here in US. I luckily stumbled across mine in Germany during a vacation and haven't stopped using it. Mine allows me to work on my cars.

J. T.

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