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Protect Your Back and Prevent Back Pain

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Protect Your Back and Prevent Back Pain

One of the most common complaints amongst today’s working population is back pain. This has emerged as a painful consequence of our modern comfortable life. Research suggests that every person in the world will be affected by back pain in some form or the other during their lifetime. It may be of a mild or even a chronic form, but it will happen.

The lower back is the most vulnerable, as it withstands the maximum weight and can easily buckle under stress. There are several things that could go wrong and lead to a spinal attack. A ligament could sprain or a muscle could bruise. The body might try to restrain an injured muscle and it might get knotted up. It could also be caused by arthritis, a slipped disc or by diabetes and kidney malfunctions.


You can prevent back problems!

In almost 80% of back pain cases, one of the causes is a sedentary lifestyle. When working, people could shift into abnormal positions that could cause the spine to buckle under stress. Slouched employees staring into computer screens, is a common scenario in most work environments. It is important to be aware of one’s posture and not get lost in work. Post work, the dangerous slouch comes back into the picture when people settle themselves lazily on a couch or a bean bag that causes further damage to the back.

Another common scenario is people who’ve been sedentary all their life, suddenly decide to become more active and start engaging in activities like lifting heavy weights in an improper manner, which results in straining the back and might even lead to a back injury.


Give support to your back when needed so that it can support you when you need it to!

Stylishly designed chairs without lower back support are notorious for causing back pain. It is of utmost importance to provide the lower back with some kind of support. Even with chairs that provide adequate support, people have a natural tendency to lean forward causing a lot of strain on the lower back. Also, this strain tends to get accumulated as the time increases. Hence it is also advisable to break from work every quarter of an hour and take a stroll around. Walking, standing or lying down exerts considerably less strain on the back when compared to sitting.The same should be followed when driving or involving in any other activity that requires long periods of being seated in the same position.


Health > Style, your fashion choices have a definite impact on the overall health of your back.

It is imperative to keep in mind that our back and legs are very fragile things and should be taken good care of. Wearing high heeled shoes can make one appear stylish and beautiful but it comes at a terrible cost. These shoes put the body in a completely incongruous posture and also transfer one’s entire weight to the fore feet. These slender portions of the feet cannot support such heavy loads and often result in severe pain in the muscles of the feet and lower back.


Peaceful Mind = Strong Body. Stress and low back pain can create a vicious circle.

Stress has become a major factor in contributing to various illnesses of late. It can also lead to severe back pain or augment any existing pain. One should learn to control the emotions and lead a calm and peaceful life to stay ahead of anxiety and its associated evils.


Don’t get too worked up when working out! Do back-strengthening and stretching exercises as needed or several times a week.

Working out and engaging in other healthy activities is a sure shot way to keeping back problems at bay. However, it is important to keep in mind that the body generally takes a long time to adapt itself to any new situation. Engaging in a new activity or starting a new workout regimen should hence be carefully planned after seeking the advice of qualified professionals. Lack of proper training and improper workouts are a leading cause of back pain and injury.


Stay active and eat a balanced diet, but if you are overweight, lose weight so there will be less strain on your back.


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