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Keep Your Back Healthy – Prevent Back Pain

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Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Statistics generated by recent studies show that even now back ache troubles many of the individuals and continues throughout several days leading to have day offs from their work and sometime leading to long term disability. Specially working people at offices get very less opportunity to involve in moving activities because their jobs require them to sit in a one desk and work the whole day with manual documents or with the computer and related machineries.

However individuals should motivate themselves to have even slight activities like get up and go for tea breaks and lunch break or just have a relaxing walk outside the office with a friend having a chat.  These small activities even help you to prevent back pain.

Conventional approach to Prevent Back Pain

Prescribing of anti-inflammatories or pain killers is the main conventional approach to prevent back pain.  This approach just prevents the symptoms of back aches without treating the cause.  Therefore the ache will last for many weeks or months. Once you get a back ache without just depending on the painkillers visit your general physician as he can diagnose the cause properly and start correct treatments for you.


Causes of back pain

Spinal column of human has a wonderful structure. It is made out from 33 vertebrae which are tiny bones and these are separated by soft jelly substance called discs and series of organized muscles that cooperate with each and every one to keep the spine steady during movement. The disks which are in-between vertebrae perform the shock absorb function and permits the nerve roots to run off the spine throughout our working time when the muscles keep us standing.

Due to muscle strain and contraction back ache can be caused. And also it could be due to lessening the soft jelly substance between the vertebrae as it may pinches or irritates the nerves. Any injury to vertebrae or ligaments, other serious illnesses also can be the causes for back pain.  As there are many causes for back pain, rather than you try to diagnose the cause, first thing that you have to do is to consult a general physician and undergo appropriate treatments due it severity level.

Prevent Back Pain – keep your back healthy and strong

The best way of preventing back aches is to make the core muscles strong as much as possible. More the support back muscles can provide to the spinal column the more protection and fewer injuries to the spine may cause especially when bending and lifting things. Detensor back traction method and products are popular as a physiotherapist tool which is the most effective way of relaxing and making the spinal muscles stronger. This Detensor has weight just 8 pounds and it’s a simple to transport, to store and to use.  It has three pieces and more information how to use it, you are able to find in this website, just CLICK on the link to traction therapy manual. By taking the traction procedure, all the back supporting muscles are kept to shrink and relax. Continuous use of Detensor system makes your supporting muscles stronger and efficient through which it supports keeping the back/spine stable. Through regular exercises with the spine traction mat helps to prevent back pain, caused by muscle contraction and eliminates any possibilities for future muscle contraction. Back traction therapy through Detensor is very much effective for instant 45 minutes procedure can produce good results.

Reduction of Back Pain

Aging and back pain have a very close relationship. As we are getting old day by day the amount of soft jelly substance or the thickness of the discs are getting thinner due a constant compression caused by the gravity on our spine. As we grow older our muscles too getting weaker. Due both of these reasons we tend to get back pains in proportion to the aging. Investigations have found that there is a 1.3 – 1.9 cm of a temporary height reduction in our spinal column due to gravitational effects of compression. Getting the discs thinner means there will be less room for nerves between vertebrae and this may lead to pressing the nerves unexpectedly and cause pain in the back.

To overcome this gravitational issue and weaknesses caused due to age an inversion action can be performed utilizing an inversion table. Using this equipment you can be upside down in a certain angle for few seconds or if possible few minutes daily. This action helps increase the spaces between vertebrae thus in turn lessen the pressure causes on the discs and nerves in the spinal column. This result of reduction in pressure on vertebrae through then reduces the back pain.

This inversion table is the most effective way of reducing the back pain caused due to aging. Handling this tool is not sophisticated at all, therefore this is recommended to use at home.

Prevent Back Pain Conclusion

There are well-known tips how to prevent back pain. Exercise your core. Strong core muscles are important to provide support for the lower back and avoid injury. Low-impact cardiovascular exercise—like exercise walking—increases blood flow to the spine, which supplies healing nutrients and hydration to the structures in your lower back.

Detensor back traction system and other back supportive products together perform a major role in reducing your back pain. Therefore use our mat at least 3-5 times a week for 45 minutes each day to strengthen the core muscles.  And also very helpful to sleep on the Detensor mattress every night.   Due to technology and traction, back aches could be easily reduced than from any other therapy.

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