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Stretching to Relieve Lower Back Pain

sciatic nerve pain relief

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain if You’re Sitting All Day

Relieve lower back pain when you sitting for a long hours

Today’s work culture has made people to be inactive for long time. You may travel to your office for at least an hour considering the traffic today. All through that one hour, you may be sitting. Then in office, you sit in front of the computer for hours and hours. Then while going back to you home again, you sit for hours or so. After reaching the home again, you sit in front of your TV screen staring at it for hours. Well, a lot of sitting. Is that not true. Almost no one escapes from this. After sitting for so long hours, you can expect back pain, because sitting posture cause lower back pain. If you already have it, you are not alone. You’ve just joined over 100 million American populations who suffer from the lower back pain. You may not be able to change your work culture. But you can change something to solve your back pain.

The first thing you can do to prevent lower back pain is to be active. You don’t have to complain that you have hours and hours of work. When you’re in your office, get up and walk in the office occasionally. If you have time, you can even do some basic stretches. This will have a significant effect. You may think that you’re doing too little for your lumbar pain. Remember you’re not doing it for a day. This is a lifestyle. When you do this, continuously you will see changes in your body.

Here is a stretching against lower back pain tip; when you stretch make sure you stretch in the opposite direction when you feel that long time sitting cause your back pain. Hold your hands on your hips. Then push your head and shoulder back. Don’t push too much or little. Keep it to the optimal level. Don’t bounce, be relaxed in that position. Then focus on the incoming and outgoing breath. Focus in for around two to five minutes. Then come back to normal position. Then while walking walk straight. Do lean or bend. Keep the body position right. This is the key and in due course, you may see some relief in your lower back pain.

A perfect posture could prevent lower back pain: You would have seen that most people would be slouching when they are sitting. Even when they’re walking or standing, they will not have a good posture. Somehow they are slouching. Well, here is the trick. Make sure your spine bends inward no outward. When you’re spine bends in you’re in a good posture. When you walk when you sit, focus on your spine. Make sure the curve in inside not outside.

If you have pain if you back while sitting (because of sitting long) have back support. You will have the chairs that will not have the right curve. It will help your spine bend outward. All the chairs most probably will be like that. So try to have something soft and straight. You may even have a backrest if possible. Or have a nice back support pillow to protect you from lower back pain. This will help hep your back to be straight. It will also reduce the pain and help you sit for a longer time in the right position.

Another important trick you should remember is while you’re working on the computers keep the keyboard closer to your body. When the keyboard is close, you will sit straight. If you keep it away from you, then you may be slouching forward.

Don’t forget Detensor also provides an economy solution for sitting job people. Orthopedic pillow for passive spine unloading in a sitting position with Detensor system is designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the lumbar spine, sciatica, scoliosis, back pain sensations. This prevention (and treatment) orthopedic pillow (This DETENSOR® Back Cushion Vertical Back Support under your lower back should always be on hand to comfortably remove the static load on his back in a sitting position. Cushion for a short time, will quickly remove excessive fatigue, remove unpleasant pain in the lumbar spine, reduce excessive fatigue in the back during long sitting on a chair or car seat.

These tips are very essential if you’re serious about your lower back pain and looking for relief.

You might be lucky enough to have an office job but sitting for long hours can still source lower back pain and related problems. Whether you’re sitting or standing, the body and especially your back muscles and legs can convert tight initiating increased strain in your joints. Stretching exercises can improve your lower back pain and increase your flexibility. You could release the tautness fast and easy without getting up from the chair with simple back stretching exercises.

  • The many aids of seated forward bend include releasing strain in the spinal muscles, stretching the lumbar or lower back, energizing the brain and central nervous system, and slowing the heart rate. Do this stretch anytime you need to take a quiet break and unwind.
  • Seated Hip Stretch. People with many professions seated for a long time; this can outcome in tight hips, unstable sitting posture and an wasteful stride. This seated stretch initiates a deep stretch of the hip joints, creating flexibility in the knees and buttocks and promoting better posture and a more efficient stride.

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