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Detensor Back Treatment Reviews

Liquid vitamins and minerals Prodovite
Betty Brush,

I want to say that this is a wonderful company to do business with. They are so friendly and care about your health. I just started taking Protovite 10 days ago. I am looking forward to all the things this product will do for my body. This excites me. I am 76 years old. This body has a lot of problems. I was a hard worker all my life and that took a tow on my body. I must praise the LORD that I don’t take any medication. I don’t like Dr’s, but do go to a Naturopath. I know Protovite will clean out my blood, it needs it. Leviticus 17:11 & 14 says: For the life of the flesh is in the blood. & for it is the life of all flesh. Its blood sustains its life. Go to Google and type in Prodovite and see what it does for you. Check out Brain Reward too. I want to get that too.

Detensor helped me to cure lower back pain
John Meacham,

Works as advertised. I work in a very large hospital and I’m constantly moving about. After a long day of work I usually come home with back pain. However since I’ve purchased this product it has helped me tremendously.

Detensor therapy mat allows me to work on my cars without back pain.
M.A. Newport, RI,

Wow!!! I am very surprised to see the Detensor here in US. I luckily stumbled across mine in Germany during a vacation and haven’t stopped using it. Mine allows me to work on my cars.

Successful experience after seven sessions of Detensor back therapy
Barbara S. from Croydon, PA,

My name Barbara and I had a lot of back pain… in my lower back, in my middle back & have had muscle spasms as a result of it. It has been ruining my life for 3 years. I couldn’t stay in one position for too long without my back stiffening up. I’ve tried chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage… they all helped me a little but not like the Detensor. Just after 1 session I began to feel relief. So I kept coming back because the pain came back, so I wanted to see if I kept using the Detensor every day, would the pain go away? And it does. I have used it for the past 7 days and my pain is greatly reduced by 90%. When I get up in the morning I feel good. As the day goes by my pain comes back but then I use the Detensor and then I feel good. I began wearing heels which I haven’t done in several years. And I believe the Detensor can help people that haven’t been helped by traditional therapies like myself.

Back pain relief with Detensor
K.P. from Philadelphia, PA,

Hello, I have had mid to lower back pain for as long as I can remember. It was in my late twenties when the pain and discomfort had started to affect me and my daily activities. There was a time where the pain was intermittent but as time went on, my body has aged and my conditioned has worsened. Over the past 20 plus years I have experienced many doctors, treatments, adjustments and pain medication but it has all been temporary relief. After giving up hope and refusing surgery multiple times I have come across the Detensor method and figured what else do I have to loose? I began coming into the AVAZO location every morning for me 45 min session (that the kind sales person Michael offered me as I was skeptical of the product). It was only about after 3 weeks that I realized that this was going to be my solution to a problem that I have been experiencing nearly half my life. It was then when I immediately purchased my very own Detensor. I still continue to visit the staff at AVAZO as they are the reason that I have my life back and am able to perform activities of my childhood with ease. Thank you AVAZO for the solution and for introducing me to the Detensor. If nearby I recommend any Individual suffering from back pain to visit their office.

Detensor helped for lower back pain relief
Stephanie V.F.,

I’d been having some trouble with my back and a friend recommended I try the Dentensor traction mat, which is basically designed to stretch and reduce pressure in your spine. I’ve actually been using it for about 2 weeks now and my lower back pain is practically gone and that’s with only a few sessions a day. It’s a really great design and so easy to use at home and well worth the money. I can definitely recommend the Detensor mat to anyone suffering with back pain, it’s been amazing.

Detensor traction mat review from Amazon customer
Another Happy Patient A-L,

For many years I had been struggling with back problems (pelvic) and have pretty much tried everything there was. I could not imagine that this mat can really help, but out of sheer desperation, I then but snacked and there, in 2 weeks was gone my pain.
Unbelievable what may cause Detensor!
The slight stretching can regenerate the discs very well and contain nerve inflammation. I also have friends can use the Detensor traction mat, always with the same success. So anyone who does not know how to continue, should try this deck absolutely.

Detensor traction mat review from Amazon customer
Amazon Customer L. G.,

Have the Detensor therapy mat now for several weeks in use and my back pain is noticeably better. You can tell right as the spine stretches and loosen up the muscles. Of course this is just the beginning not necessarily pleasant, but the more frequent use, the less will be the pain. Very important is of course the Detensor to use more regularly and bring a little patience. My initial severe pain in the lumbar region have almost disappeared, and when I do have overdone it again, go the pain after lying again quickly back. A really great invention. Thank you.

Back Pain with Detensor Relived for Vladimir
Vladimir S.,

Successful story of helpful back treatment and pain relief with Detensor

I have suffered many years with lower back pain. My pain was so bad that I was actually feeling a numbing sensation in my left arm and hand. I have tried everything except surgery. I came across Avazo’s ad for the Detensor in the newspaper and thought I would see what it was about. Much to my surprise, it works! I purchased the Detensor back traction therapy mat 2 months ago and already I feel such a difference! Before the Detensor, I was unable to get through the day without major discomfort but that is not the case any longer! With continued use I now feel I can keep my back pain under control

Happy Detensor patient
Bill M. from Pennsylvania,

Actual patient, who had several back treatment sessions with Detensor therapy devices

I was diagnosed with herniated discs in C4 C5 and C6 and Spinal Stenosis in 2006. On a pain and symptom scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worse, I have been living with a 3 almost constantly. Bad days it goes to a 7. I know what you are thinking, “3”? That does not sound so bad.” But in reality a “3” can sometime be the difference in what choices I make during the day. If my kids want to play basketball with me on any giving day, I need to think about the “3” and where I will be the next day. The day after swimming in the ocean, or having fun at a water park or amusement park with my boys I am often incapacitated with a pain and symptom level of a “7”. A pain and symptom level of a “7” is often life altering. I have been on various medications and sought different treatments and pain management through Chiropractors, Physicians and Physical Therapy. I have used Inversion Therapy, specialized pillows and various heat and coolant pads. Recently I was invited to try the DETENSOR TRACTION MATT SYSTEM. I was apprehensive as this was just one more attempt at relieving my pain. Trying the DETENSOR for the first time was a little bit uncomfortable. I had to make sure my back and body was properly aligned. This caused slight discomfort as my body was not used to being properly aligned. However the very next day I felt great. I had very little to no symptoms and my pain level was at a “1”. This lasted for a few days. I tried the DETENSOR again and had the very same outcome. I can only believe with continued and regular use of the DETENSOR that I will be able to manage my pain and symptoms to a very comfortable level. The result will be a better and more active life.