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Choose the Best Mattress for Back and Neck Pain

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Get the Best Mattress for Back  and Neck Pain

How to choose mattress for lumbar pain, this question always important for all  back pain sufferers.


Detensor mattress comfortable to sleep and healthy for the spine (back)


Mattresses account for the most important ‘home accessory’ one owns as one tends to spend a minimum of 7hrs/day on them. These can very well be used to reduce or even avoid back pain completely. Using the wrong mattress can lead to back pain, the reason being lack of back support which in turn affects the backbone’s alignment. It is certainly worth the time and effort invested in selecting the most comfortable mattress for you that provides a firm support for your back whilst sleeping.

The mattress type chosen must be soft and yet provide the support required to reduce stress which causes back pain and facilitate sound sleep at night.



The right back pain relief mattress for all  back pain sufferers or for those who trying to prevent it usually is about 7-18 inches in thickness and has ample number of spring coils which allow your vertebral column to rest in its natural alignment. Such mattresses can be purchased from a local showroom that offers a variety of brands. The best way to go about selecting the right mattress is to lie down on the firmest of mattresses available at the store. Then try out the softest ones. This way you will be able to gauge their differences better. Finally, look for a mattress that falls between the two extreme specifications stated above, but is similar to the firm ones that were tested. Test the mattress by lying down on it in your regular sleep-position and evaluate it on factors like level of comfort and support you require for your back. It may seem absurd but it is better to discuss your sleep positions and mattress type with your doctor.



A majority of times stiffness of the back occurs due to inappropriate posture while sleeping. In order to reduce this phenomenon you can:

  • Ensure that your pillow sufficiently supports your neck. But remember, too many pillows may strain your neck. Instead, use a pillow that is contoured; you must ensure your neck and spine are aligned while sleeping.
  • Ensure that bed is at a tallness that offers you some assistance with getting into and out of it effectively. The best possible path is to first sit on its edge then drop your body down sideways (on the elbow and bear) and in conclusion attract your knees and feet. The other way around to get out. Keep a little pad between your knees to keep your hips adjusted, subsequently staying away from solidness of your lower back.
  • Lie on your back with the pillow placed under your knees or sleep sideways with a pillow between your knees (bent) if you face sleeping issues.
  • Check if your mattress is droopy as that adds to muscle solidness and ceaseless back pain. This can be kept away from by buying an orthopedic mattress which gives more prominent support thinks about to a general mattress.
  • Sleep on a mattress that can easily accommodate your partner and you. If you share a small mattress, you may end up sleeping in awkward positions due to crowding.



Choosing best back pain relief mattress for back and neck pain is complicated, but we supply you with our suggestions and advice to help you.

Another option is opting for an adjustable bed. This is different from the standard flat bed as it allows you to adjust the inclination angle at the head and often at the foot as well. The inclination of the head (less than 45º) along with the additional support for the knees helps elude pain, especially that caused by herniated discs and/or spinal stenosis. It is very beneficial, especially for a patient, as rising from a flat position poses more difficulties than from an angular position.


Spinal doctors in different countries recommends different mattresses, but most of the agreed, that Detensor is the healthiest mattress ever made. Soft and flexible fins hardly felt mattress, the mattress at least provided traction to 5% of body weight (depending on the position: on – 5% in the prone position, on one side – 1- 4%). In the horizontal position the spine stretched, thus increasing the distance between the individual vertebrae. Intervertebral discs in these conditions, is able to obtain the necessary liquid substances in larger quantities and have enough room to make up for its size. It helps to regenerate the damaged discs and regression of existing prolapse. Vertebrae displaced spastic muscles return to their normal position. Due to the effect of stretching tight muscles gets deep discharge, gradually formed a new stereotype of muscle, which leads to permanent improvement of the state of the spine.

The form of the ribs and features “Detensor” mattress cover provides a comfortable sleep in the summer and winter due to the distribution of temperature and humidity.

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