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Gentle Spinal Traction Therapy and Children Health

Detensor Gentle Spinal Traction Therapy System for Children


DTM Children



Non-surgical spinal traction therapy in general is widespread from ancient times in the treatment of many diseases associated with the back and central nervous system. Especially attractive is the use of extracorporeal therapy for certain diagnoses in children and adolescents. The use of spinal traction therapy based on the Detensor method is especially good because it has no negative complications and side effects. According to clinical experience, Detensor is particularly effective in treating the following problems:


  • Such a disease, as scoliosis, is a so-called lateral curvature in a certain area of the spine. Scoliosis is one of the most common ailments of children and adolescents, in most cases associated with rapid growth. The disease is completely curable, since the formation of the children’s spine is not complete, and it still quite well lends itself to curative correction. And Detensor’s clinical studies prove spinal traction therapy as very successful scoliosis treatment.


  • The condition and flexibility of the spine are, of course, not the main, but rather significant factor in the development of clinical manifestations of bronchial asthma. Accordingly, in carrying out recovery of the child’s spine as a result, doctors confirmed the fact of frequent getting rid of bronchial asthma.


  • In general, the fundamental aspect of the well-being of the human body is a healthy spine. Pain in the back, aches in the joints are knocked out of the usual rhythm of life for days, and even for weeks. Remove the tension from the muscles of the back, put the displaced vertebrae in place, restore the lost flexibility of the spine, and, therefore, eliminate the pressure of the nerves, if you act on the spine and regularly perform traction correction of the displaced vertebrae and decompress the vertebral discs using the Detensor method. There are many positive results, including: stimulation of growth, better work of the digestive organs, improvement of sports results.


Below we are publishing some clinical results. But we cannot post everything on 1 page. Please take a look at the medical records of the scoliosis treatment with Detensor therapy at this page https://avazo.com/spine-treatment-results/


Gentle non-invasive spinal traction therapy using the “Detensor”-system (B) repeats the process of its daily physiological extension and elongation in the most optimal way (A)

A. Physiological biorhythm of the daily natural extension of the spine in healthy children
B. Changes in child’s height during the procedure of the “Detensor”- therapy


In picture (B) one can see, that the work of the “Detensor”- system begins with the muscle relaxation during the first 20 minutes, after that the actual traction and re-hydration of the inter-vertebral discs are being performed (from 45 minutes). After completing the treatment, in the vertical body position, gravitation contributes to the process of dehydration and decrease in the child’s height.

Clinical studies for the spinal traction therapy with Detensor were conducted in the clinics of the scientific institutes for pediatrics and infant surgery (clinics, diagnostic department, department for psycho-neurology and epileptology, prenatal and congenital diseases).

Investigated were 19 patients (210 sessions) at the ages of 4-7 with the following diseases:

a) Growth disorders based on spinal anomalies, scoliosis, vertebral displeasure:
-2 children (dept. prenatal and congenital diseases).

b) Epilepsy
– 3 children (dept. psycho-neurology and epileptology.

c) Children (clinic – diagnosis dept.)
– 3 children with bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis –
– 4 children with chronic gastro-duodenitis and vegetative tissue dystonia
– 3 children with spastic obstipation and neurosis syndrome
– 4 children with dermatitis and pseudo-allergic reactions

Changes in the cervical region were found in all of the children with natal complications (vertebral dislocation, pronounced scoliosis, osteoporosis, changes in the inter-vertebral discs, Kuemmerle syndrome). Conventional laboratory techniques, ultrasound and radiography as well as EEG and ECG were used in the diagnosis.


Results of Tests

Positive results:
Clinical improvements were observed in a number of patients which manifested themselves as follows:
– Children with growth disorders increased the length of their spinal column by 1/2-1 1/4 inch, A further positive effect was the elimination respectively considerable reduction in coughing for patients with chronic bronchitis or bronchial asthma.
– Not a single respiratory seizure was registered during treatment. Attacks of coughing could be suppressed in a girl suspected of a foreign object in the respiratory tract, the origin of which was located in the malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Abdominal pain vanished and bowl movement became normalized.
– Children with pseudo-allergic reactions showed reduction of dermatitis, increased children’s well being and normalization of sleep.

Most of the children tolerated the therapy very well.

More clinical studies related to the Detensor non-invasive gentle spinal traction therapy published at this page – Detensor Spinal Traction Therapy Medical Reports