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Best Bed and Mattress for Your Spine Health

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How to Choose Best Bed Mattress for Your Spine

Your bed and your mattress are vital to maintaining a healthy spinal cord.  You spend your day twisting, turning, bending, and straightening your back.  All of that movement leaves your back in need of a good night’s rest.  If your bed and your mattress do not properly support your spine health, it can not only reduce your quality of sleep, provides nightly spine relaxation but can add to the strain on your back as well.

There are a large number of beds and mattresses available for purchase.  The right mattress for you is definitely a matter of person preference, but if you are experiencing back pain, you should follow the guidelines listed below.

Selecting the Beds and Mattresses for your nightly spine relaxation

People who are suffering from issues with back pain must select a bed and mattress that will offer support for their back.  If not, you may be increasing the strain and stress on your back.  Research is lacking as to which kind of beds and mattresses people who suffer from back pain should use.  You should make sure that your mattress is firm, but not too hard or too soft because a firm mattress allows you to provide support to your aching back.  There does seem to be a benefit, though, to adjustable beds.  Adjustable beds allow you to get into the position where your back feels the best.  If you have degenerative spondylolisthesis, you will benefit from having a bed such as an inclined bed that supports your knees.  An inclined bed allows you to place pillows or cushions under your knees while adjusting the amount of incline to increase the support and comfort for your painful back.  If you have an osteoarthritis spine, you should look for the best support for your back in your bed and mattress, so that your back is relaxed as you sleep and you are able to avoid waking up with a spine that feels very stiff.  If you suffer from spinal stenosis, regular flat beds and mattresses are not advisable, since you are likely to be more comfortable bending your back forward rather than remaining upright.  Adjustable beds allow you to get into a position that feels like the comfortable back bending forward position, and firm mattresses will also help support your back.

Detensor spinal healthy therapy mattresses

Soft and flexible fins hardly felt mattress, the mattress at least provided traction to 5% of body weight (depending on the position: on – 5% in the prone position, on one side – 1- 4%). In the horizontal position the spine stretched, thus increasing the distance between the individual vertebrae. Inter-vertebral discs in these conditions, is able to obtain the necessary liquid substances in larger quantities and have enough room to make up for its size. It is spinal column healthy and helps to regenerate the damaged discs and regression of existing prolapse. Vertebrae displaced spastic muscles return to their normal position. Due to the effect of stretching tight muscles gets deep discharge, gradually formed a new stereotype of muscle, which leads to permanent improvement of the state of the spine.

The form of the ribs and features “Detensor” spinal healthy mattress cover provides a comfortable sleep in the summer and winter due to the distribution of temperature and humidity.

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