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Spinal Traction Clinical Studies with MRI images

Prolapsed Disc Treatment, Patient MW

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Spinal traction is used to treat many different back conditions or diseases, like: herniated discs, prolapsed disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and. Read the actual story of succedull prolapsed disc treatment and see MRI images before and after Prolapsed Disc Traction Treatment.


This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

The story, Markus is a dear friend for years. He lives in Lech, a well-known alpine city 128 km (~80 miles) west of Innsbruck. He went to the University of Innsbruck for examination of the lumbar spine. During an exam a doctor tells him, that he must undergo spinal surgery immediately and it impossible for Markus to drive home, because his prolapsed disc was in dangerous stage.


He called me on the phone and I said come to us, it`s only 20 Km (~12.5 miles) more. We discussed the prolapsed disc treatment and symptoms and decided to try our method of gentle spinal traction therapy with Detensor. Markus came twice a week for prolapsed disc traction treatment with Bio resonance-therapy and bleeding.  After 6 weeks he went golfing. All winter he was skiing. He already forgot about his lumbar prolapsed disc and lower back pain.


He is free of spinal pain since then. 19 mm of prolapse disc gone. The 2nd MRI was done 5 months later, now if you think the Dr`s at the University did much care, you are wrong, they did not even ask what was done.


Prolapsed disc diagnosis.

Between those vertebrae that make up the spinal segment rest a course of action about stun retaining ligament circles, which cushion those spine Similarly as it keeps up the heaviness of the upper physical make-up. A prolapsed plate, usually implied ought to Similarly as a “slipped” on the other hand “herniated” plate, occurs At those gel-like, internal center around an intervertebral circle swells then again leaks through a debilitated region for its hard outer bundling. Circles may shred to a grouping for reasons, including degenerative spine states Furthermore sudden passing harms.

Typically A prolapsed circle doesn’t wound up discernible until uprooted circle tissue begins on press against near to muscles, tendons Furthermore nerves. At this begins to happen, debilitating agony, deficiency Furthermore different signs may develop. The signs of a prolapsed circle Typically compound without prescription What’s more discretionary spine-related troubles may quickly make.

Prolapsed circles are enormously normal, with In 3 million analyzed circumstances developing in the assembled states for consistently. Regardless of whatever district of the spine may bolster A prolapsed plate, intervertebral circles in the lumbar (lower) spine are The larger part helpless with wear Also shred. This will be an immediate outcome the less demanding by and by bears the lion’s offer from guaranteeing conventional strain.

Recover Prolapsed Disc, Patient TN

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After Treatment

Traditional medicine saying, that: “It is true that herniated disc symptoms can subside over time even without medical intervention. … Yes, your symptoms may resolve, but this does not necessarily mean the herniated disc itself has healed. Herniated disc symptoms may be treated with the following: Conservative measures such as activity modification, analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. Epidural nerve blocks may be employed in instances of severe or persistent pain.”

Please read the real story of recover prolapsed disk with MRI images, that prove fact of prolapsed disc healing.

This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

Patient of mine she could not turn the head because of sharp cervical pain, every time she did she passed out totally. She was patient of Joachim Strauss, he refused to operate vertebral column, to dangerous and send her to my office. In the attached MRI you see the cervical Part of the spine.It was a discus prolapse with sequester ,8 mm, between C5 and C6. Surgery is quite dangerous, because the patient can be paralyzed from there down. That was to high a risc for the patient.


I told her what to do, 3 – 4 times daily on the Mat and sleeping on the mattress. After 6 weeks she took up driving and working again without any traces of the cervical pain, second MRI (you see it at this medical records publications) was done after 12 month, you see the result.


Whenever I show the MRI neurologists claim it is turkey, because a prolapse disc and a sequester cannot just disappear. Well we know better.


Prolapsed disc symptoms and precautions

Individuals who have sudden, genuine back torment, particularly interior the lower back district, might encounter a prolapsed plate. Commonly, plate related misery can be encouraged imperceptibly by lying level however will escalating in case the back is out of the blue moved by wheezing, hacking or other small developments. Other fundamental side impacts of a prolapsed circle are: Emanating torment down the legs or into the calves or feet (when the sciatic nerve is being compacted); Shivering or sticks and-needles sensations in the impacted domain and related members; Deadness or deficiency in the raise conclusion, legs or feet.

Lower back misery that is joined by incontinence of the bladder or guts or the disappointment to walk may appear that the base of the spinal line is being pressed. Call 911 right away in the occasion that you observe these side impacts, as they might be affirmation of a remedial emergency known as “cauda equina clutter.”

Gentle Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Gentle Spinal Traction has a very powerful effect on the spine, and can be ineffective or even harmful if it is not used properly in gentle way. The scoliosis therapy combines gentle spinal traction with other components designed to reduce scoliosis while the patient is in a seated position. Gentle Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Treatment is a medical procedure ideal for children with severe or rigid scoliosis.


There are three traditional treatments for scoliosis — observation, bracing, and surgery. Most doctor will recommend one of these treatments based on their experience and severity of the scoliosis along with the physical maturity of your child. Traditional medicine believe: No exercises for scoliosis have proved to reduce or prevent curvature. However, exercise is highly recommended for both scoliosis and non-scoliosis patients alike to keep back muscles strong and flexible.


We would like to bring for your attention this case, when Gentle Spinal Traction was applied. This 14 year`s old girl suffering of asthma since the age of 1 year. She has spent 4 to 5 times at the Hospital every year. The mother was told her daughter might not get very old, because there is nothing one can do about it. Again Alexey Kapustin, he put her on Detensor after 3 weeks you can notice the difference in scoliosis and thickness of discs, she did grow 4 cm.


Today she is still free of asthma and leads a normal life.


About scoliosis and why it is dangerous:

The initial stages of the disease do not pose a serious danger, in contrast to neglected cases of the disease.

Cervical scoliosis can disrupt blood circulation in arteries and veins of the brain, often leads to compression of the vertebral artery, resulting in headaches and dizziness.

Thoracic scoliosis in advanced cases reduces the volume of the chest and deforms the abdominal cavity. It can lead to diseases of internal organs: heart, lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, large vessels, kidneys.

Lumbar scoliosis causes severe back pain, disrupts the normal position of pelvic bones. The asymmetric position of the bones disrupts the arrangement of the organs in the pelvic region. This can lead to diseases of the pelvic organs and impaired sexual function.

Dysplastic scoliosis in adults weakens immunity, leads to osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernia. Curvature of the spine in women can cause problems with conceiving, bearing and giving birth to a child.

Vertebral Compression Fractures Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

This is what Dr. Kurt L Kienlein said.

Patient Sobolev: A long time patient of Olga Balakireva (Dr K.L. Kienlein wife), businessmen, travelling year round all over the globe first time showed up at Olga’s clinic in Moscow in 1994, could not walk had a broken disc. He had consulted the number one surgeon in Moscow, he said go and see Olga she is the only one who can help you. To make it short he came 3 times over the years until finally he understood he needs the Mat when he is out of the house travelling. The image shows 9 mm prolapse. Today he is free of pain for years.


All experience of the traditional medicine always saying – If a lumbar disc herniated to a certain level, does low back surgery become necessary, bypassing any conservative treatments. And what you see in these images? Does it enough prove for you?


About a compression fracture treatment in general

In general, this is a fairly common injury, which occurs when the sharp simultaneous compression and flexion of the spine. This specific load leads to a sharp increase in pressure on the discs and the body of the vertebrae, as a result of which the front part of the vertebra is “flattened” and takes the form of a wedge. The result is a decrease in the height of the spinal column, because of which a part of the vertebral body can begin to press on the spinal cord.

Injury occurs with sharp simultaneous compression and flexion of the spine

Most often there is a compression fracture of the first and second lumbar vertebra, as well as the 11th and 12th thoracic vertebra. In this case, one of these vertebrae can suffer, and several at once. Very often the cause of such an injury is a car accident or a fall from a height. 

Gentle spinal strengthening therapy with Detensor able to help stimulate a bone strength. As a result, gentle spinal traction therapy can help you regain the strength and mobility that you may have lost while the fracture healed.

Cervical Lordosis Traction Treatment

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Gentle cervical traction with Detensor at middle neck (cervical spinal traction) mutual with cervical manipulation can help with cervical lordosis treatment in 8 to 10 weeks as indicated by increases in segmental and global cervical alignment.


Patient a girl age 7 suffering of headaches and bronchial Asthma and missing cervical lordosis. After 3 weeks at the Children`s State Hospital, Moscow, the girl showed a normal cervical lordosis, headaches and bronchial asthma gone.


Between these 2 MRI images she had daily 3 x 40 minutes treatments on to Detensor therapy mat 18% for a 3 weeks.


Understanding Your Spine: Cervical Lordosis

Cervical lordosis is a natural, or pathological, bend of the spine with the reversal of its bulge in the cervical anterior. Cervical lordosis, as a physiological curve, is for every person. As for pathological lordosis, it will be located in the same place, but its degree of bend will be different.

The pathology develops against the backdrop of inflammatory processes of the spinal column, with contractures, congenital malformations, against the presence of neoplasms, etc. The main manifestations of the disease are neck pain and problems with posture. With regard to treatment, it can be both operational and conservative.


There is some physiotherapy exercises, that also helpful for cervical lordosis treatment: Gradually move your head from neutral site to the right and left side of your figure and back to neutral position another time. Turn your neck to each site as far as possible without producing discomfort or pain. Repeat this exercise 10 times on each side.

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