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Natural Remedies for Organic Back Pain Relief

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Tips to Relieve Back Pain Naturally with Organic Remedies


There are main reasons why there are increased incidences of lower back pain in the modern generation and the biggest reason to be blamed is the habit of sitting a lot. There is no chance of sitting that we want to leave such as

  • If you are commuting by train or bus or for that matter any conveyance the first thing that you do is sit.
  • At office you need to remain glued to your computer screen for long hours and man a time it may even be the whole day.
  • Then at home you stick to your TV and you watch it again just sitting.

All these and many more reasons are the prime cause of back ache that you experience. And at this point you decide to seek help.


What all can be done to relieve back pain

  • Topical application of creams (try to purchase organic back pain relief cream): there are many pain relieving creams available in the market and they are highly effective. They may contain natural ingredients such as Capsaicin that helps in pain eradication in many cases. This is actually the ingredient found in chilies that makes the extremely hot. Therefore on application you may feel stinging or burning sensation but son after there will be a lot of relief both from pain and burning sensation. It is available over the counter. A concentration of 0.025% is just enough to be effective.
  • Ice packs (the most natural remedies for back pain): use of ice packs is another great way of relieving any inflammation that may have been caused by too much stretching or spasm. Many people find the heat pack more comforting but the ice packs are more important to relieve any kind of inflammation in the muscles. It is always advisable to start with cold packs initially. Use cold pack for ten minutes just every one hour for the first day. On the second and third day use it three times a day and thereafter use heat pack to relax the muscles of your lower back.
  • Exercise ball (organic natural way for back pain relief): i is a known fact that exercise is good for body but only if it is done properly. The most important thing to prevent any injury to the body is to have a right posture while doing exercise. The exercise ball lets you have the right posture while you do different kinds of exercises on it. Starching over the ball is one of the best ways to get rid of back pain. The best exercise that has also been effective in relieving one of the lower back pain is to almost wrap yourself over the ball while you face the ball and try moving the ball with the shrug of your shoulder


There are other methods that are not only expensive but may also need you to go under the knife and should be avoided as much as you can because no joint remains as sterile  as it is when it is untouched. The natural remedies must be tried before you even think of taking medications or any kind of treatment because all have some or the other side effects on the body. So it is advisable to get the help of the experts who know what to do when.

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