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Ways to treat lower back pain?

sciatic nerve pain relief

Cure and Treat Lower Back Pain?

Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Back Pain Treatment

The question: How can I do to relieve lower back pain is one which has been troubling thousands of people who have experienced back pain at some time or the other in their lives. The causes of back pain can be both major and minor. In some cases, the pain is so extreme that it calls for immediate medical treatment by a professional. If medication and treatment do not work, surgery might also be employed in order to alleviate the excruciating pain felt by the patient. However, this is a final alternative and not one that most people who are seeking back pain relief.

Certain techniques and practices to cure or reduce lower back pain and prohibit its re-occurrence have proven to be successful. This could involve something as simple as learning the proper sitting posture or knowing how to give adequate rest to your back. Even consuming enough water during the day has been known to relieve or reduce lower back pain. You can also see results if you try to sleep in a proper position at night. Changing everyday habits like these might prove very beneficial in the long run. Some things can just help you provide pain relief today but also save you from unnecessary pain tomorrow.

A severely stressed back gets a lot of relief when it is rested in the right way. You can relieve lower backache this easily by elevating your head slightly while lying down on a pillow on your back and bending your legs slightly and raising them. To do this, you can give your legs a little height by placing a pillow under your knees or using a chair to rest your feet and calves. You can give your back some much-needed rest by lying like this for some time. However, you have to also walk a little bit in between for short intervals so that your back muscles do not weaken.

Utilizing the appropriate posture while seated can also relieve lower back or lumbar backache. One method to do this is to place a pillow behind your lumbar or lower back area and sit in a chair. You should try to sit as close to the back of the chair as possible with your hips touching the backrest of the chair. You will notice that you will be forming a bowl-like shape by sitting like this as your back will be curved a little forward and your shoulders will be pulled backwards. You can sit this way when you are on your office chair at work, watching TV on your couch, or even while on the way to work.

Diet is also one of the primary cause for lower back pain and dietary changes can provide you the relief you need. Dehydration is one of the common reasons for back pain. Most people wait until they are feeling thirsty in order to drink water and are thus dehydrated. It is a good practice to keep on consuming liquids, preferably water throughout the day in small quantities to avoid dehydration and back pain.

Our sleeping position is also one of the main reasons for back pain that is often overlooked. One sign that your sleeping position is the culprit behind back pain is to notice if you are waking up with a back that feels stiff. The appropriate method of sleeping to relieve back pain is to sleep sideways with a soft pillow placed between the knees. A mattress that is too firm or too soft results in your body being bent in undesired ways and does not give you the support that your spine needs.

The Detensor system allows you to produce traction of the spinal column in the most gentle way, exercising self-regulation, focusing on the patient’s body weight, and evenly distributing the traction force, excluding excessive loads.

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