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Therapeutic mat Detensor

This part of the system can be used together with the sleeping mattress as well as by itself as the independent method of treatment. In case of distinct degenerative-dystrophic lesions, exacerbation of pain, the combined use of the therapeutic mattress and therapeutic mat is required.

  1. Application notes
  • Use the mat on the hard surface only;
  • Lie down on the therapeutic mat only on your back (by no means- on the belly!)
  • The therapeutic mat is not intended to be used for night sleep
  • While using the mat, it is recommended to wear lightweight, thin, flexible clothing.
  1. The method of positioning oneself on the mat
  • Sit down on the trunk part of the mat so that in the lying position your lumbar curvature matched the lumbar elevation on the mat. This can be achieved by the overlapping of the following two segments which must be equal: the distance from the top of the lumbar lordosis (the waist) to the coccyx and the distance from the top of the lumbar curvature on the mat to the point of the coccyx (the point that touches the therapeutic mat when you sit on it) (pictures 24-26).

The method of positioning oneself on the therapeutic mat “Detensor”

  • Place the footrest so that when you lie down the upper edge of the sloping surface matched the poples. Remember, when you lie down, you move backwards. Therefore, when you lie down, place the footrest so that the upper edge was located a little bit nearer than the poples when your feet are positioned on the footrest while sitting up (picture 25);
  • Then, relying on your hands, slowly lie down on the therapeutic mat (picture 26);
  • Position your neck comfortably on the neck cushion (Start placing the neck cushion?);
  • When you lie on the mat correctly and comfortably, pull up your feet, heel forward, alternately, toes toward yourself.
  1. Therapy Schedule
  • It is recommended to practice therapy on the mat three or four times during 45-60 minutes (each time) on a daily basis;
  • In case of acute phase of the disease it is advisable to use the sleeping mattress in addition to the mat. Therapy schedule must be discussed with the doctor who is certified in “Detensor”-therapy.
  1. Notes
  • While lying on the mat, you should not read or watch TV. Just relax! If, for some reason, you raised your head, the neck cushion must be installed again;
  • During the first couple of times of using the mat the phase of adaptation or the phase of adjustment may sometimes be present. The more carefully you follow the method of positioning yourself on the mat, the more successful your treatment is going to be.
  1. Getting up
  • Get up slowly!;
  • Follow the pattern: first turn on your side, next-on your belly, then relying on your hands and knees, get into a position of “cat’s back”. After that, raise your torso, lean on your knees. Then leaning on some object or your bent knee, proceed getting up slowly (picture 27-28);
  • Avoid any strain during 5-10 minutes after getting up. It is recommended to spend this time lying down or reclining with your back relaxed.