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Low Back Pain Treatment Mat Detensor

Therapeutic Low Back Pain Treatment Mat Detensor

Therapeutic back treatment mat Detensor provides the greatest force of stretching of the spine without external influence only using gravity for the benefit.

When a patient is placed on the low back treatment mat Detensor, optimally directed traction forces are formed, strictly depending on the patient’s body weight (mass), which together leads to unloading of the kinematic system of the spine, and since the traction force depends on the body weight, it is always individual for each patient. As a result of this important feature, overstrain of ligaments and muscles is prevented, and, consequently, possible traumatized, unlike other devices and systems used for stretching the spine (“dry” back traction, Glisson loop, tables with loops, underwater spinal traction, etc.).

Detensor therapeutic back treatment mat creates maximum spinal discharge,
comparable to the one that can be obtained only in zero gravity.

Detensor therapeutic back treatment mat meets the basic requirements of an ideal spinal recovery system.

The most important results of using the Detensor therapeutic back treatment mat:

  • Increased intervertebral spaces after back treatment session;
  • Reducing the tension of muscles and ligaments;
  • Reducing the pressure on the nerve endings due to the increase in intervertebral spaces;
  • With the displacement of the vertebrae and prolapse of the discs, it becomes possible to normalize the anatomical structure;
  • The expansion of the intervertebral spaces causes a decrease or elimination of compression of the nerve endings and improvement of the local blood circulation;
  • The possibilities of using back treatment mat Detensor are not limited, since overstretching of the spine is impossible;
  • Not limited as the duration of its application. Prolonged unloading leads to improved circulation of fluid in the tissues of intervertebral discs;
  • Natural rotational movements in combination with a long-acting traction force also contribute to improving the operation of the pumping mechanism and the circulation of fluid in the tissues of the disks;
  • The pressure in the intervertebral discs begins to decrease after about 20 minutes of traction treatment, after 30-45 minutes of stretching, the pressure continues to decrease and can normalize;