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Spinal Traction Therapy for Back Pain

Detensor Traction Device Manual
Spinal Traction Therapy for Back Pain Relief

low back pain treatment and spinal traction therapy with Detensor

The spinal traction therapy for back pain relief with decompression mat (DTM 18%) is the part of the Detensor long-term back traction therapy method for lower back (lumbar) pain relief and spine-related illnesses. It is the most efficient tool for gentle back stretching organically and without negative side effects. With this spinal traction therapy device spinal stretching power utilize up to 20% of the patient’s body weight, when vertebrae cord posted into the most comfortable and relaxing position. Horizontal traction force increase spaces between spinal discs, help to recover total spine conditions and improve flow of nutrients, oxygen and liquids into the central nervous system. 

The clinical experience since 1978 shows, that 45 minutes session of spinal traction therapy for back pain relief with the DTM-18 is exactly the right time of duration to relax the musculature and for rehydration of the intervertebral discs. Best back pain relief results being achieved using the DTM 18% on the floor or on a stable hard surface like boards or a bench.

In the acute phase of lower back pain, it is recommending apply the DTM 18% three times a day with a three to four hours interval. It is possible at the start of the spine traction application in some cases a pulling hurt can develop in musculature or joints. Application is not be stopped, the irritating hurt will disappear after a few minutes it only shows the process of a successful back pain relief has begun.

More than 45 minutes of spinal traction therapy for back pain relief  are not needed in one session, but if by accident the person is falling asleep and stays a longer period on the mat, negative effects from longer back traction procedure have not been discovered up today. After the back pain relief is lessening or gone applications may cut, but it understandable a complete stop will possibly start the back pain problem all over again. If someone is using the DTM 18% daily severe back spinal problem will not again appear.

Spinal Traction Therapy for back Pain Relief Indication

Daily application of the Detensor spinal traction therapy mat DTM 18% will protect and improve a person vertebral column health with no matter what age and gender and prevent neck to lower back pain over the years to come and if wanted.

Therefore, it is to be recommended to do the daily application. Always use the Detensor spinal disk decompression method with DTM 18% on a firm surface never on a sofa or in bed. Never try to use the DTM 18% instead of a mattress and sleep all night on it, pain in spinal musculature can develop. After the 45 minutes back decompression therapy do not sit up, roll off on the floor in a belly and wait for 10 to 30 seconds in this position before getting up, see the pictured instructions at the end of this brochure.

Sometimes acute low back pain need session of spinal traction therapy for back pain relief longer, up to 1 1/2 hours.

You have to understand, the spinal traction therapy mat DTM-18 cannot replace the Detensor mattresses or mattress topper Fibrotop and vice versa. The Detensor spine decompression for back pain relief therapy system consists of two parts, the DTM 18% and the sleeping mattresses.

The regular application of the spinal traction therapy for back pain relief has the advantage that it is used for back pain relief since 1978 without any known negative effects. Since then there done 27 Doctor Dissertations, published 158 scientific based articles and more than 4.5 Million patients have successful been treated internationally.

Because of the mobility of the Mat, packed in a bag size 12,5x16x23,5 inches and a weight of approximately 8 Lb it is advised to take along when traveling.

Not taking the DTM-18 along might result in a back problem again and there is danger of a relapse.

It is quite possible not to find an experienced specialist at your holiday destination using the spine cord decompression therapy Detensor who can help.

If you are lying on the Detensor Mat use a blanket to cover the body. In higher temperatures use simply a sheet for covering at the time of back pain back pain relief procedure. Always use the leg support of the system in order to achieve a neutral position of the spine. Never use the so called 90/90 position when on the Mat 18%, raising the lower legs to high can be harmful, there the pressure in the 5th lumbar (vertebral) disc will be raised 10%.This was found by Prof DR Alf Nachemson in a study done at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Trust the experience of many MD`s, chiropractors and physical therapists and an uncountable number of people formerly suffering from sciatica, pinched nerve, herniated or degenerative spinal disk, etc and using the Detensor back pain relief method at home every day in privacy since 1978 and have regained Quality of Life.

Detensor Long Term Spinal Traction Therapy for Back Pain Relief Device is the most cost effective Method to treat Back Pain.

In the following the exact application of the Mat 18% is described and shown in the illustrations.

2 Figure

Manual for spinal gentle traction procedure and low back pain treatment

3 Figure

Step by step back pain treatment with spinal gentle traction

Sit down on the shorter part of the Traction Mat-18 , recognizable at the fact that this part has less ribs (lamellas) as the longer part (back part) of the Mat (See Figure 1). The C is marking the boundary between shorter and longer part. C is the position for the lumbar part of the spine (Vertebra L 3 / L4).  C is also marked with a small red sticker, you can take it off anytime you want after you have learned how to lie down in correct position.

Another method to find out , you push down with both hands on the Mat, 1 hand about 10 inches from the lower edge (left on image 1) and about 20 inches from the upper (right on Figure 1), your hands will move opposed. One can also sew a red thread to the site of the Mat in line with the red sticker in order to mark the C .

If you should with the first attempt come to lie too far in the direction of feet or head and the red sticker is not at the position of lumbar vertebra L3/L4, do not try to move lying on the Mat in order to reach the right position, just sit up as shown in Figure 9/10/11/12/13/14/15 and start all over again.

On the Low Back Pain Therapy Mat for back treatment one lies only on the back (see Figure 4).

Both arms have to be put down like shown in Figure 4.

The lower legs rest on the leg support as shown in Figure 2 and 3.

4 Figure

Really gentle back decompression with therapeutic mat Detensor

In addition to back pain relief, you have to take the Cervical Support in both hands so that the flat side of the support points to your body and both hands touch each other, see Figure 5

now press support with both hands evenly, next lay support under your neck without letting go only after the back of your head is touching the Mat do release the support.

Please pay attention to it that both long side edges of the support downwards are bent.

5 Figure

Lower back pain relief treatment with spinal gentle traction

6 Figure

Treat low back pain - spinal gentle traction

As next, with both hands holding the ends of the support (see Figure 6) very gentle without lifting the head pull in the direction of the head end of the Mat.

This can be repeated 3 to 4 times during the first 10 minutes of the application. If you lift your head please repeat the procedure.

7 Figure

Therapeutic spinal gentle traction - lumbar pain treatment

Now let go of the support and put your arms to the sides as shown in image 4 with palms upwards as shown in Figure 4

From now on you must lie relaxed and quietly until the 45 minutes are over.

Lie relaxed, no reading or TV , because of contraction of musculature in the upper back, shoulders and neck, listen to nice music preference half classical music. Do not use modern type relaxing music. Organs only react positive to chamber sounds.

At first there might be a feeling of uncomfortableness in the back and neck, for maybe a few minutes, do not react or take notice, it will be gone soon by the time the musculature is starting to relax. Falling asleep is positive, it is even recommended. During sleep musculature is totally relaxing.

During Therapy it is definitely necessary silence will be kept, not talking .

If your argument is not to be able to lie on your back, well, after a few applications on the Mat 18% all patients can.

During back pain relief therapy it is recommended to wear a light and stretchable suit made from cotton.

8 Figure

treat lower back pain

9 Figure

lower back pain treatment

10 Figure

Relieve back pain

11 Figure

Detensor back pain treatment

12 Figure

Use Detensor mat for spinal gentle traction

After the 45 minutes back pain relief therapy it is not advised to sit up abruptly, roll off and stay a few seconds in a belly position, relax your head on your arms and get up as shown in the pictures.


After operation and fixation of two vertebras wait 6 month before using Detensor Long Term Spinal Traction Therapy or ask your surgeon.


Make sure you are buying and using products designed and produced by DETENSOR KURT KIENLEIN E.U., Austria.

Since in some places imitations being offered. you really should make sure to acquire the” Original “ produced by Prof. DR. Leonhard Kurt Kienlein in Austria.

Beware of Imitations.