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How to Deal With Upper Back Cervical Pain

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How to Deal With Upper Back Cervical Pain


How to Deal With Upper Back Cervical Pain


If you have pain just over the cervical spine area of the back and just underneath the neck, you’re suffering from upper back pain. Well, if you have cervical spine pain your life will be horrible. It will control your life. You will not be able to sit in a place for a long time, and you may not be even able to stand in a position for a long time. If you’re not able to do this necessary actions in your life then who’s controlling your life? You or the back pain in your cervical spine area?


There are several reason for this upper spine pain. However, you can prevent it and you can also cure it. Most of the back pain are caused due to the wrong posture. Have you never minded how you sit?  Well, are you sitting correctly. You may often give more weight to one side. Isn’t that true? Especially if you’re overweight, you will be slouching on one side for sure.


Thoracic pain or middle back pain is mainly caused by bad position of neck. This may be the result of staring at your computer monitor for a long time. Even long distance travel can be the reason of poor neck position. If you are travelling in a coach for a long time what you do? Obviously, you will sleep right. Is your neck in the right position when you sleep? Not. That is another main reason for the pain in upper back. The wrong posture will lead to long term muscle strain too.


Myofascial pain syndrome is an illness wherein pressure on delicate points in the muscles could hurt in apparently separate organs and parts of your body. The disease often occurs after repetitive muscle damage or abuse. Signs of disease include tenacious ache or a tender muscle knot. Myofascial pain syndrome treatments consist of physical therapy, painkiller medications, local acupuncture or injections, and spine muscle relaxation techniques.


Here are some tips to solve this issue: When you’re in the office, working for long hours, staring at the computer screen, make sure that your neck is in right posture and keep the laptop of the computer screen aligned to your head. So you may not need to bend your neck. Then lean back to the chair and keep the back straight. Don’t slouch. Try to keep the shoulders up and spine-bending inside. If you maintain this posture, you will no longer face any back problem.


With age, your back bones will deteriorate. But while you’re young your back will be strong as a tree trunk. Back problems can also be caused by degenerative discs. You need to pay more attention to this. Because anything that affects the spine will affects your overall body.  Spine health is the body health.  Remember spine is the root of brain. If anything goes wrong with your spine, it may directly affect your brain which is the control center of your whole body.


Some stretch to help solve the back issue: Keep your hands on the back of your hip. Get your shoulder straight and try to push the spine inside and neck towards back. Hold on to this position for some time. Watch your breath during this period. Relax and then come to the normal position. Another kind of stretch you can try is by kneeling down and get the shoulder straight. Bend forward and keep your hand flat on the floor. It is like a praying posting. Hold on to it for some time and do it repeatedly for three cycles.


Your upper back pain may be acute or chronic. That doesn’t mean that it should control your life. Take control over your life through this simple steps.

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