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Spinal Traction Therapy on Detensor Traction Mat

Lower Back Pain Traction Treatment with Detensor Back Traction Mat Video Manual.

Procedure of Low Back Pain Relief with Spinal Traction Therapy on Detensor Back Traction Mat.

In the phase of acute back pain, like severe lower back pain (lumbago) or in the first week of spinal traction procedures, the duration of the spinal traction Detensor therapy procedure is 45 minutes; up to three to four times in the day with an interval between procedures – 3 hours.
In general, the back-pain traction therapy procedure is determined by the patient’s condition.

The Detensor back traction procedure in the evening is the most effective, since during the night sleep, the load on the spine is minimal, the effect of the procedure is maintained until morning.

During the back-traction session, you should be dressed in light, elastic clothing (for example, sports training suit). Or you could take the back-pain treatment in underwear. In this case, the maximum achievable effort is achieved spinal traction and straightening of the edge system of the product.

If during the spinal disc decompression procedure you changed the position of the neck/head, correct again the cervical support roll, as at the beginning. During the spinal stretching therapy session, you should try to relax and not make movements.

The pulling sensation in the spine column is reduced after a few minutes.

In the world there are many supporters of traction therapy. Traction means stretching, which is used as the main remedy for certain diseases, as Lumbalgia, sciatica. American experts believe that spinal cord traction is the main treatment method. However, in all cases, we are talking about the use of old technology traction associated with discomfort and psychological stress for patients.

The most important results of Detensor system as follows:

  • Spinal traction with Detensor mat Increasing the intervertebral space;
  • Back Decompression Therapy Reducing stress muscles and ligaments;
  • Reducing the pressure on the nerve endings due to the increase intervertebral space with traction therapy mat is safe and efficient;
  • At displacement of the vertebrae and prolapse (prolapse) discs is possible to normalize the anatomical structure;
  • Expansion of the intervertebral spacing causes a reduction or elimination of compression of the nerve endings and the improvement of local blood circulation;
  • The possibility of using this spinal traction therapy system is limited because hyperextension of the spine is not possible;
  • Not limited to the duration of its application. Continuous unloading leads to the improvement of the circulation of fluid in the tissues of the intervertebral discs;
  • Natural rotational movements in combination with long-acting traction force also contributes to the improvement of the pumping mechanism and the circulation of fluid in the tissues of the disc;
  • The pressure in the intervertebral disc begins to decline after about 20 minutes of traction therapy, stretching 30-45 minutes, the pressure continues to decrease and can be normalized.
  • Intensive spinal traction therapy treatment on the mat the whole spine is applicable only in case of acute pain, for 45-60 minutes, 4 times a day.

Successful treatment is to apply spinal traction therapy, different in intensity and duration. The success of treatment is achieved by combining the use of traction mat during the day and sleeping at night traction mattress. When leaving the house, the patient to continue treatment can take a therapeutic mat, because it is portable.