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Y.S. from New Jersey

Detensor traction lower back pain treatment

This is my story of lower back pain relief: I’m 75 soon, but I continue to work. In August 2017, I experienced severe pain in the lower part of the spine and in my right leg. The pain was so strong that I practically could not walk and stand.

Apizartron ointment and hot compresses this time did not give relief, and I had to swallow Ibuprofen and stick on the pelvic region and leg lidocaine patches “Salonpas”. Unfortunately, anesthesia with their help lasted only a few hours.

However, I was attracted by the method of treatment with the use of “Detensor” – an elastic mat that has cuts at different angles, which stretches the vertebrae when lying on it. I was delighted with a competent engineering solution to the problem of uniform sparing of the vertebrae under the influence of my own body weight.

For three weeks of testing I came to the conclusion that Detensor really works, but this device is not instantaneous, but rather, it is intended for long-term use. In my case, it makes sense to apply it to prevent possible next inflammation, which I have experienced 3 times in several years.