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Yoga Lower Back Pain Relief

sciatic nerve pain relief

Yoga Lower Back Pain Relief

We also publish some yoga back stretch poses (asans) helpful for  lower back pain relief.

Lying on your back, bend your right knee into your chest and place a strap or rolled-up towel around the ball of your foot. Straighten your leg toward the ceiling. Press out through both heels. If the lower back feels strained, bend the left knee and place the foot on the ground.

Yoga posture asan for lower back pain relief


Yoga has become one of today’s most sought after forms of exercise. It offers back pain relief for many people suffering from back problems. However before you go out and buy your Yoga outfit, go and consult with your doctor first to hear what he or she says.

The back is a well-developed part of the body consisting of its own set of bones in the form of the vertebra; nerves coming from the spine; and other connective tissues. The entire back acts as the support system for the body, and well, you can only imagine what we would be like without it! The bones and the back muscles work hand-in-hand with other muscles such as the abdominal muscles to ensure that the body is kept upright.

Sadly, today we find that many people are experiencing back problems because of stress and overexerting their back muscles. All of this may lead to back pain which can range from mild to severe in complexity.


Yoga back stretching traction exercise


Spasms, numbness and stiffness of the back can all be symptoms of back pain. There are of course other causes of back pain such as poor posture and straining the back, carrying heavy loads or playing sport. Therefore it’s no wonder why back pain has become a complaint a lot of health care professionals are hearing about in their offices. Today there are many back pain relief options than there were in the past. Yoga, the Indian meditative exercise has been rapidly adopted and promoted in Western cultures as a modern form of treatment available to the general populace.

It wasn’t many years ago when if you went to the doctor seeking back pain relief treatments you were told to take bed rest and painkillers if the pain became too unbearable. Today, however, numerous doctors have now started promoting Yoga as an acceptable treatment option for back pain. Studies have also supported the Yoga back stretching option and shown that Yoga has proved to be an effective treatment method to manage not only back pain but whole body pain.


Yoga back stretching and traction poses


Where Yoga used to be seen as a spiritual discipline practiced by monks in Buddhist temples, it has now been translated into everyday exercises that almost anyone can engage in. Yoga isn’t just good for lower back pain relief but has been shown to be an excellent bone and muscle strengthener and stress reliever. If you are seeking to put your mind at ease and relax, Yoga back stretch poses can also be just what you need!

The benefits of Yoga exercise are there for all to see. It aims to build strength, help you with flexibility while working to eliminate the pain in your joints and muscles. A list of some of the benefits of yoga can be found below:

  • Aids is promoting proper posture
  • Develops muscle strength, endurance as well as stamina
  • Used as a warm-up exercise
  • Great exercise for release of physical tension
  • Leads to marked improvement in overall performance

Not all Yoga back stretching exercises can be used for treating backache problems relief. This must be carefully noted. When your back is injured or you are experiencing acute pain, yoga movements must be limited to gentle stretching and should be kept to a slow, steady pace. Leave out the more advanced yoga poses until your doctor gives you the green light and you are not in severe back pain.

Viniyoga, focuses on deep breathing and making slow stretches. This is a good type to practice for beginners or those with acute back pain. Iyengar yoga takes a special look at bodily alignment at sees its participants to make use of blocks, straps and blankets and other props. This is a good exercise for those requiring a little support to start.

Yoga is great for strengthening the body, but is a discipline that needs to be approached with care. Consultation with your doctor must precede any Yoga back stretch poses or spine stretching. If you are a beginner, you will need the supervision of a qualified teacher in order to avoid any injuries. It is possible to hurt your back even further, or to sprain a wrist or ankle. Never progress to difficult poses without first laying a foundation for your body to get used to the stretches. Yoga can help with backache relief but it should be done under the supervision of a trained instructor and after consultation with a health professional.


Yoga for lower back pain relief

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